SendFox — Free MailChimp Alternative for Content Creators

SendFox - the most affordable email marketing tool

You know email marketing works, but those high monthly costs from Mailchimp, AWeber, and ConvertKit are painful. You can save hundreds or THOUSANDS of dollars per year on SendFox, a free MailChimp alternative.

SendFox helps you create, schedule, and automate customized emails without breaking the bank.

How SendFox Compares to Other Email Marketing Tools:

Price for 3,000 contactsFree

Cost after 12 months = $0
$49.99 per month.

Cost after 12 months = $599.88
$46.15 per month.

Cost after 12 months = $193.80
$49 per month.

Cost after 12 months = $588
Price for 5,000 contactsA one-time cost of $49

Cost after 12 months = $49
$49.99 per month.

Cost after 12 months = $599.88
$49 per month.

Cost after 12 months = $588
$79 per month.

Cost after 12 months = $948
Price for 10,000 contactsA one-time cost of $99

Cost after 12 months = $99
$74.99 per month.

Cost after 12 months = $899.88
$66.15 per month.

Cost after 12 months = $793.80
$119 per month.

Cost after 12 months = $1,428
Landing Pages
Spam testing

Domain validation
GDPR compliant✅ 
Ideal forContent creators and small businesses.Small to large-sized businesses and Fortune 500s in a variety of industries.Small businesses and email marketing beginners.Online “creators”.
IntegrationsZapier, Sumo, KingSumo, Integromat, WordPress plugin, and moreIntegrations with many eCommerce and social media platforms. Zapier, WordPress, and more.Zapier, e-commerce and customer payment, course sites, and more. 

SendFox Features — Get More Results With Less Work:

  • Import and store your contacts’ information
  • Automations with subscriber segmentation
  • Landing pages that showcase your content from social media, blog, newsletters, and more
  • Email campaigns and weekly newsletters automatically created from RSS feeds
  • Email and contact analytics
  • GDPR compliant features (double opt-in, GDPR consent for forms and landing pages)
  • Built-in referral feature
  • Integrations with third-party tools including Sumo, KingSumo, WordPress plugin, and more
  • Zapier, Integrately and Integromat Apps
  • Email support, video tutorials, FAQ, and SendFox Facebook community 
  • And much more…

Smart Pages (aka Landing Pages)

You can create unlimited smart pages using SendFox

SendFox’s smart pages are different because you can showcase not only your past newsletters but also content from your social media accounts, blogs, podcast, YouTube channel, and more — helping viewers get a sneak peek of your content.

Smart page by Chief Sumo, Noah Kagan.
Free MailChimp alternative
You can showcase the best content on your Smart page.

Learn how you can create your FREE smart page in this video tutorial.

Smart Campaigns

We want to make email marketing easier so that’s why we created smart campaigns.

Smart campaigns take your best content and puts it into a single, digestible email. Just one click and your email is automatically created.

Smart Campaigns - free mailchimp alternative
Email created using smart campaigns.


A key feature of SendFox is automation. This feature helps you automatically send a series of emails when contacts are added to a mailing list.

Automations are great for creating a welcome email series that can help push your subscribers to your social media channels and best content.

In SendFox automations, you can choose the delay times of your emails, move contacts into different lists, and remove subscribers from an automation.

Automations - free mailchimp alternative
Check out how automations look like in SendFox

SendFox makes it easy for its customers to create and schedule automated emails. Find out more about automations here.

Built-in Referral System

Using SendFox, you can build your OWN referral program just like the Morning Brew in less than 10 minutes.

A referral program is one of the best ways to grow your mailing list by rewarding your subscribers for sharing your newsletter.

Once, you’ve set it up, you’ll have a footer automatically added to your emails where your subscribers can easily share your newsletters to gain referral points.

Referral blurb
Referral blurb added to the footer of your SendFox emails.

When yous subscribers click on the footer, they will also be redirected to a referral hub where they can keep track on their progress and referrals

Referral hub
Example referral hub.
The SendFox referral hub also includes a leaderboard.

Mailing Lists

It’s super easy to upload your existing list of contacts to SendFox. You can either upload a .CSV file, import your contacts from Google or use our MailChimp auto-import tool.

Importing lists
Importing CSV

You can create an unlimited number of lists within SendFox and view each list’s analytics on the list tab.

Lists - free mailchimp alternative
Lists View

Active-Only Sending

SendFox makes it super easy for you to send to your best and most active contacts. All you need to do is check the box in your email editor that says “Send to active subscribers only”.

Active only sending
SendFox email editor.

This is an email marketing best practice that will help you improve your email stats and protect your sender reputation.

SendFox: The BEST Affordable Email Marketing Tool

Email marketing works and it’s one of the best ways to communicate with your customers.

Your costly email marketing tool works but it’s not worth the price.

Save on those monthly bills and get the best free MailChimp alternative here or if your’e still not convinced, check out this great SendFox review from our friends at!

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