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SendFox Feature Updates: November 2020

SendFox November Feature Updates

Another month just ended, which means we added a ton of new features to SendFox. These are included in our customers’ existing plans at no extra cost. Hooray! Here are the highlights from November…


5 Effortless Tricks to Grow Your Audience [Using Email Marketing and Instagram]

instagram email marketing

Instagram is perfect for content creators to build their brand and reach new audiences. But you can achieve even better results by combining it with email marketing…


SendFox Feature Updates: October 2020

Every month, we’re actively building SendFox features for our customers. In October, we released a handful of new features. Check them out…


How to Grow and Monetize Your Podcast Using Email Marketing

podcast email marketing

If you have a podcast, don’t overlook email marketing. It’s one of the best ways to speak directly to your listeners and promote your podcast. Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter


SendFox Feature Updates: September 2020

Find out more about the new updates and features added to SendFox in September 2020 including improved smart pages…


Why Email Marketing is Important [Even If Your Website, Course, or Book Is Not Ready]

Email marketing is one of the best ways to build an audience and increase your influence.  Here are some real examples of people that did this:  James Clear used email to grow his audience, which led…


SendFox Feature Updates: August 2020

SendFox August Feature Updates

Every month, we’re working hard to make SendFox better for our customers. Here’s a list of our August feature updates. These features are included in our customers’ plans at no extra cost…


YouTube Ends Email Notifications — What YouTubers Should Do Now

YouTube email notifications are ending, here's what you need to know

YouTube is stopping new upload email notifications to your subscribers. With no notifications, and more competition for video views than ever before. How are your subscribers going to hear about your videos?…


How to Grow Your Email List Using a Referral Program [Just Like the Morning Brew]

SendFox email marketing - referrals

A referral program can help you grow your email list exponentially. This is how the Morning Brew, a popular business newsletter, gets over 1,000 new subscribers every day — and grew its newsletter from 100,000


SendFox Feature Updates: July 2020

SendFox July Feature Updates.png

Check out the new features we’ve added in July to SendFox…


Best Email Subject Lines: 6 Ways to Write Catchy Subject Lines and Boost Open Rates

best email subject lines

This is a guest post by SendFox customer and video producer Garth Dew. He uses SendFox for his email newsletter about creativity, marketing and entrepreneurship…


How to Create an Email Newsletter People Want to Read [and Examples From Content Creators We Love]

how to create an email newsletter

If you’re a content creator, you NEED to have a newsletter. Newsletters are emails sent regularly — giving content your subscribers love (like blog posts, news, personal recommendations, tips, or…


SendFox Feature Updates: June 2020

Find out more about the new features and updates we added to SendFox in June.


The Ultimate Landing Page Best Practices Guide

landing page best practices

There are good landing pages and there are bad ones…You want to make sure your landing page is a good one. If not, you’re leaving hundreds or even thousands of email subscribers and sales on the table...


How to 2x Your Email Results with Email A/B Testing

sendfox a/b testing

This is a guest post by copywriter Will Ward who uses SendFox for his business switchTop Keyboards.


SendFox Feature Updates: May 2020

Tons of great feature updates for our customers inside of SendFox this month…


SendFox Tutorial: Set up Your Email Marketing in 15 Minutes


In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to set-up your SendFox account in 15 minutes so you can get started with your email marketing ASAP…


Email Deliverability: How to Improve Email Open Rates

email deliverability

In 2018, we had an email deliverability problem. We were emailing our full OkDork email list… but getting a low open rate. And lots of reports from subscribers that emails were going into their spam…


2020 Email Marketing Trends 📈

With 70,000,000+ emails from 18,000+ customers on SendFox, we’ve researched and analyzed the TOP email marketing trends. What makes emails great, what tings the BEST senders do, and more…


SendFox Feature Updates: April 2020

Check out the latest bunch of awesome features added to SendFox last month…


What Makes Sendfox Different?

SendFox is here to revolutionize the email marketing industry by offering an affordable and powerful email marketing tool.  Designed for content creators, SendFox has unique features that make it easier…


Customers Stories: How to Grow Your Business With Email Marketing 🚀

grow email marketing sendfox

Garth Dew has been dedicated to filmmaking and video marketing for the last six years. While growing his business, he has learned how to use digital channels to attract customers. Now, he’s ready to teach…


Affordable Email Marketing — How to Save 50% (Or More) on Your Bill

affordable email marketing sendfox

You know email marketing works. But those high monthly costs from Mailchimp, AWeber, and ConvertKit are painful. You can save hundreds or THOUSANDS of dollars per year on SendFox…


COVID-19 Emails: What Are People Emailing?

covid-19 emails

Though all the uncertainty, confusion, isolation and Tiger King… we’ve noticed that many businesses are still hustling and sending emails during the COVID-19 lockdown…


How the Busy Podcaster, Rob Roseman, Uses SendFox for Email Marketing ⏱️

In today’s blog, we’re sharing one of SendFox’s customer’s experience using our email marketing platform. Rob Roseman is the busy father of three behind the actionable and funny podcast The Dad the Best I Can Show


SendFox Review: YouTube Star, Muchelleb, Shares Her Thoughts on Sendfox and How She Uses It ✉️

We will share with you one of our customer’s review of SendFox and how she uses as a content creator. Michelle Barnes is the Australian content-creator behind the popular YouTube channel Muchelleb


Email Marketing Strategy: How Wise Owl Media is Using SendFox for Growth? 🦉

In this blog, we’ll show you Wise Owl Media ‘s email marketing strategy for growth. WOW provides actionable advice — with articles and newsletters — based on the founder, Garrett Petticrew‘s quest to be wise, healthy and wealthy…