SendFox Feature Updates: June 2020

SendFox June Updates

In June, we released a lot of new features and updates.

#1 – Cleaner Smart Pages 🎉

New features and updates - Cleaner Smart Pages
A new Smart Page, from Chief Sumo Noah’s account.
The new subscribe with Google and Facebook buttons
The new subscribe with Google and Facebook buttons make it easy for people to join your list.

Smart Pages showcase your best content.

Redesigned from the ground up in June, Smart Pages now shows your content — emails, YouTube videos, blog posts, podcasts, and Tweets — more beautifully than ever.

We also added subscribe via Facebook and Google to help you get more subscribers fast.

Also, check out our great guide on how to build the BEST converting landing pages with SendFox.

#2 – Better Smart Campaigns 🚀

New features and updates - Auto-created Smart Campaign
An auto-created Smart Campaign. It took a YouTube channel, and it made this email in one click!

Smart Campaigns turn your best content into an email.

No more procrastinating because you’re not sure what to write. Just one click, and your email is auto-created.

In June, we made auto-generation better. And, you can now generate Smart Campaigns manually by clicking the circle icon on your Email Dashboard.

Generating Smart Campaigns manually

Watch our video tutorial for instructions on how to create your own smart campaign:

#3 – Subscriber Referral improvements 🎆

New features and updates - Subscriber Referral improvements
The improved Subscriber Referrals footer, using Chief Sumo Noah’s emails as an example.
Referral Hub leaderboard
An example Referral Hub leaderboard.

Turn your existing subscribers into salespeople. With Subscriber Referrals, your current readers can refer more readers to your newsletter — and get prizes when they do.

We cleaned up the Subscriber Referrals footer design in emails to make it more effective. And, we added a leaderboard to your Referral Hub.

Click here to set up your Subscriber Referrals.

#4 – Email Editor improvements ⚡️

The Email Editor now has a sticky header and footer bar to make it easier when drafting emails.

And, we made adjustments to the time selector. Scheduling emails is now easier.

Click here to draft your next email.

Plus, we worked hard on some smaller updates and fixes:

  • New banners to clarify if you’re warming up, optimized, or have free plan restrictions
  • Ability to edit double opt-in confirmation emails
  • Cleaned up FAQ so you can get answers to your questions quicker

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