Affordable Email Marketing — How to Save 50% (Or More) on Your Bill

You know email marketing works. But those high monthly costs from Mailchimp, AWeber, and ConvertKit are painful. You can save hundreds or THOUSANDS of dollars per year on SendFox, an affordable email marketing software.

SendFox helps you create, schedule, and automate customized emails without breaking the bank.

Those monthly bills from other tools can quickly add up — and in today’s climate, more than ever, it’s important to save where you can and stash your cash.

Grab SendFox’s lifetime deal that helps tons of content creators and small businesses send emails to their audience at an affordable price.

customer review SendFox
Customer thanking us for revolutionizing email marketing!

How SendFox Compares to Other Email Marketing Tools:

Email Marketing ToolSendFoxAweberMailChimpConvertKit
Price for 5,000 contactsA one-time cost of $49
Cost after 12 months = $49
$49 per month.

Cost after 12 months = $588
$49.99 per month.  
Cost after 12 months = $599.88
$79 per month.

Cost after 12 months = $948
Landing Pages
Spam testing

Domain validation
GDPR compliant✅ 
Ideal forContent creators and small businesses.Small businesses and email marketing beginners that are not budget-conscious. Small to large-sized businesses and Fortune 500s in a variety of industries.Online “creators” with any size subscriber base who have a large budget for email marketing.
IntegrationsZapier, Sumo, KingSumo, Integromat and WordPress plugin. Zapier, WordPress and more.Integrations with many eCommerce and social media platforms. Zapier, e-commerce and customer payment,  courses sites and more. 

SendFox Features — Get More Results With Less Work:

  • Import and store your contacts’ information
  • Automations with subscriber segmentation
  • Email campaigns scheduling
  • Landing pages with blog functionality
  • Email campaigns automatically created from RSS feeds
  • Email and contact analytics
  • GDPR compliant features (double opt-in, GDPR consent for forms and landing pages)
  • Active-only sending
  • Integrations with third-party tools including Sumo, KingSumo, WordPress plugin and more
  • Zapier and Integromat App
  • Email support, FAQ and SendFox Facebook community 
  • And much more…


A key feature of SendFox are automations, which helps you send a series of emails that are automatically triggered when a contact is added to a mailing list. One of the ways a  contact can be added to a list is via form or landing page sign-up.

An automated welcome email series can help push your subscribers to your social media channels and best content. You can also send a series of emails based on clicks and opens!

In SendFox automations, you can choose the delay times of your emails and when you want subscribers to be removed from your automation

SendFox automation sequence
Check out how automations look like in SendFox

SendFox makes it easy for its users to create and schedule automated emails.

Mailing Lists

It’s super easy to upload your existing list of contacts to SendFox. You can either upload a .CSV file or use our MailChimp auto-import tool.

You can create an unlimited number of lists within SendFox. In the List page, you can see the analytics of each list including the number of subscribers and unsubscribes, as well as open, click and bounce rate.

SendFox List page

Landing Pages

We have first-class designs for landing pages. You can even add a blog to your landing page! This blog will contain all the emails that you’ve sent to your contacts — helping viewers get a sneak peek of your content. 🔍

landing page  sendfox
An example of Chief Sumo Noah’s landing page. Check it out here.
SendFox Landing page blog section
An “email blog” for your emails. Auto-posted from your list.

The email blogs include a comment section so your subscribers can engage with you via your landing page. Also, anyone who comments is automatically added to your mailing list.

Active-Only Sending

SendFox makes it super easy for you to send to your best and most active contacts. All you need to do is check the box in your email editor that says “Send to active subscribers only”.

email editor affordable email marketing sendfox
SendFox email editor

This is an email marketing best practice that will help you improve your deliverability and protect your sender reputation. Sending to your best contacts guarantees awesome email stats and subscriber engagement.

Integrations With Third-Party Tools

At SendFox, we’ve made it easy to integrate with your favorite tools such as, KingSumo and Zapier.

You can find a full list of our integration tools here.

How Our Customers Are Using SendFox:

At SendFox, we love working with inspiring small businesses and incredible content creators.

One of our users is the YouTube star, Muchelleb! She uses SendFox to schedule email campaigns to her audience and grow her number of subscribers.

Through landing pages, she can easily grow her audience by using the lead magnet strategy. This means that in exchange for one of her valuable workbooks, she asks her future subscriber for their email address.

SendFox landing page Muchelleb affordable email marketing sendfox
Muchelleb’s beautifully-designed landing page

Another awesome customer is Rob Roseman from the funny podcast The Dad the Best I Can Show

Automations have helped the busy podcaster automatically introduce his new subscribers to his best content and also re-purpose the content that he has worked so hard to create.

He’s also used our tagging feature for automations to separate into a different list, the contacts that have clicked to download his Dad Tips pdf.

automation sequence affordable email marketing sendfox
SendFox automation feature with tagging enabled

Lastly, we’ve got Chief Sumo, Noah Kagan, using SendFox. He’s seen incredible subscriber growth for his brand. Check out how he’s using SendFox to grow his mailing list:

1. Sharing his landing page on social media channels

SendFox landing page twitter noah affordable email marketing sendfox
Noah’s Twitter bio includes a link to his SendFox landing page

2. Focusing on his most active subscribers

As we’ve mentioned before, sending to active contacts is an email marketing best practice and will improve your deliverability. Noah makes sure to send his emails to his most engaged contacts. You can do this by only sending to contacts that opened your email campaigns in the last 1 – 3 months.

SendFox email marketing best practice affordable email marketing sendfox
You can email a segment of customers based on their open rate

3. Create a Welcome Series so that your new subscribers can follow you on other social media platforms and continue engaging with you.

automation sequence affordable email marketing sendfox
Welcome series are great for subscriber engagement

SendFox: The BEST Affordable Email Marketing Tool

Email marketing works and it’s the best way to communicate with your customers.

Your costly email marketing tool works but it’s not worth the price, especially during these unpredictable times.

So what are you waiting for? Save on those monthly bills and get SendFox here.

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