SendFox Feature Updates: September 2020

Another month full of SendFox updates for you.

#1 – Improved Smart Pages 🖼


To make your Smart Page even more effective — and help you grow your audience automatically — we made two big changes:

  1. Beautiful, default images to make your page pop
  2. Improved default font on your “read more” page so it’s easier to read

Watch our video tutorial to learn how to create your own smart page:

#2 – Easy way to create a list in Email Editor 📝


If you’re sending a new email, we made it easier for you to create a list from the same view.

Now, instead of having to back out of the Email Editor and create a list separately… you can create your list from the Email Editor directly.

#3 – Improved confirmation page 🤓


We want to make every part of SendFox polished — even less-common places like the subscription confirmation page.

We optimized the look and feel of confirmation pages, including randomly displaying related Smart Pages of customers like you for subscribers to join.

Don’t want to display the contact confirmation page? You can disable double opt-in (plus, get more bonus features) by joining the Empire Add-On.

Plus, a few more noteworthy improvements:

  • Onboarding flow improvements to help you get to success FASTER
  • Auto-notification cleanup — so you get more helpful alerts at better times
  • Increased character limit to leave longer notes on your contacts
  • Replaced “IP Address” column on your Contacts page with “Source”

We’re always excited to keep building SendFox for you and don’t forget to check AppSumo lifetime deal.

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