SendFox Feature Updates: November 2020

SendFox November Feature Updates

Another month just ended, which means we added a ton of new features to SendFox

These are included in our customers’ existing plans at no extra cost. Hooray! 😃

(Fun fact: In 2020, we’ve added 70+ total new features to customers’ accounts for free.)

Here are the highlights from November…

#1 – Improved Twitter posts in your emails 🐦


In your Smart Campaigns and Email Generator, your best Twitter posts will now look even better.

Click here to generate a new Smart Campaign.

#2 – Email your Instagram posts 📸


Connect Instagram in your Web Presence, and you can see your Instagram posts on your Smart Pages and in your Email Generator.

(Soon, we’ll be also be adding Instagram to auto-generated Smart Campaigns.)

Click here to add Instagram to your Web Presence.

#3 – Better clarity with emails you’ve sent 🙌


In the past few weeks, we made changes to help you better understand the status of your emails.

You’ll notice two big ones:

  • Improved statuses for your automations
  • Showing the date and time sent for scheduled emails

Click here to create a new email.

#4 – Drag-and-drop images 🖼


Drag-and-drop images into your Email Editor without any issue.

Now, when you drag images into your Email Editor it’ll automatically open the Media Library.

Click here to add an image to your email.

Plus, a few other fixes and tweaks:

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