SendFox Feature Updates: May 2020

SendFox May Feature Updates

Tons of great feature updates for our customers inside of SendFox this month.

#1 – Smart Pages 🌎

SendFox feature updates May - Smart Pages
Noah’s Smart Page — he highlights his videos, podcast, newsletters, blog, and social.
Noah’s Smart Page “Social” tab
Noah’s Smart Page “Social” tab, showing Twitter.

Keep all your best content in one place with our new Smart Pages.

These pages are the evolution of Landing Pages — but with some HUGE new features:

  1. Show off your YouTube videos, newsletters, blog posts, podcasts, and Tweets in one place.
  2. Make it easy for your subscribers to not miss anything you create.

These new Smart Pages are your central hub for all your content. Share it with everyone.

To set up your Smart Page content hub, just add your feeds to any existing or new Smart Page. Then, click “Enable Feed”. Voilà! All your best content will be shown on your Smart Page.

#2 – Smart Campaigns 🤓

SendFox feature updates May - Smart Campaigns
The Smart Campaign view, accessible from your dashboard.
Smart Campaign example
An example of a Smart Campaign, automatically pulling one of Noah’s YouTube videos.

With this month’s Smart Page update, you’re showing off your best content…

What about making it easier to send an email with your best content?

Smart Campaigns make this possible:

  1. Weekly Newsletter. Automatically-drafted email with your best content every Sunday — including your YouTube videos, blog posts, podcast episodes, and social media posts.
  2. Content Updates. Automatically-drafted email with your new content (aka auto-RSS).

#3 – Improved Subscriber Referrals 📩

SendFox feature updates May - Improved Subscriber Referrals
An example “Referral Hub” page for Noah’s list.
Subscriber Referral footer
The improved Subscriber Referral footer available in emails, using Noah’s list as an example.

Last month, we introduced you to our Subscriber Referrals feature. This feature allowed you to give prizes to subscribers who refer more subscribers to your list.

This month, we made Subscriber Referrals better than EVER:

  • Improved Subscriber Referrals Editor so it’s easier for you to set up.
  • “Referral Hub” for subscribers to see how many referrals they have, easily share your newsletter with your friends, check out prizes, and more.
  • Cleaned-up Subscriber Referrals Footer to make your emails look more polished.
  • Read more about the Referral Program HERE.

Other notable updates:

  • The title of the email always matches the subject line (even on clone).
  • HTML editor added to Automation emails for Empire Add-On customers.
  • Automation emails not sent until after a subscriber confirms (when double opt-in is enabled).
  • Branding completely disabled on all Smart Pages for Empire Add-On customers.
  • When a customer is Optimized, the reason for the Optimization is shown in the tooltips.
  • HTTP and www stripped out of domain validation to make validating your domain easier.

That said, we’d highly recommend checking the Lifetime deal on AppSumo while it’s active!

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