Feature Updates: July 2020

SendFox July Feature Updates.png

Check out the new feature updates we’ve added in July to SendFox.

#1 Improved Smart Campaigns 📱

Smart Campaigns

Smart Campaigns take your best content and puts it into a single, digestible email.

Recently, we made Smart Campaigns even better.

More optimized text truncation. Better text output. Highlighting content item titles… all nerdy ways of saying your emails will look nice — and get nicer results, too.

Check out our tutorial below on how to create a Smart Campaign:

#2 “Send Now” functionality ⏰

Send Now functionality
Send Now functionality 2

One of our most requested features, well, ever.

We added the option to send an email immediately. So now you can choose to send an email right away, or schedule it for another time.

Pro Tip: How to Create an Email Newsletter People Want to Read!

Watch our tutorial on how to create and send emails in SendFox:

#3 Gmail auto-import 📧

Feature Updates - Gmail auto-import

Auto-import your contacts from Google. Keep your family, friends, and acquaintances updated on your latest content with the one-click import.

Click here to add your Google contacts into SendFox.

#4 Auto-schedule Smart Campaigns 🚀

Feature Updates - Auto-schedule Smart Campaigns

Auto-send your Smart Campaigns weekly:

  • Go to your Smart Campaign settings.
  • Pick the auto-schedule day and time — plus the list — you want to email automatically.
  • Done and done.

Auto-Smart Campaigns to send even when you sleep.

Click here to auto-schedule your Smart Campaigns.

#5 New homepage ✨

Feature Updates - New Homepage

Our mission is to help YouTubers, podcasters, and bloggers grow their audience.

So, we re-built our homepage to talk about our unique features. And how some of the world’s best content creators are currently using SendFox.

Check out the new homepage (you must be logged out).

#6 Test email improvements 🤓

Feature Updates - Test email improvements

Two awesome updates for test emails:

  1. All test emails now have “[Test]” pre-pended to the subject line. So you no longer have the mini-panic: “oh $%&*, did I accidentally send that to everyone?!’
  2. Tests are no longer included in your email stats.

Click here to send a test email to yourself.

More notable improvements & updates:

Stay tuned for next month’s SendFox Feature Updates and hop on AppSumo site to grab the SendFox Lifetime deal!

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