Feature Updates: August 2020

SendFox August Feature Updates

Every month, we’re working hard to make SendFox better for our customers, so here’s a list of our August feature updates. These features are included in our customers’ plans at no extra cost.

#1 – Improved Smart Page promotion 💫

Promote your Smart Page, like Chief Sumo Noah.

Sharing your beautiful Smart Page (aka landing page) is now easier than ever.

Click the “Promote” button on your “Smart Pages” view to see new ways to promote and get more subscribers to your list.

Click here to promote your Smart Page.

#2 – reCAPTCHA on all Smart Pages and forms 🐛

Setting up reCAPTCHA on a form.

reCAPTCHA uses technology by Google to stop bot signups. It’s automatically enabled on your Smart Pages, and any new forms you create.

To enable reCAPTCHA on your already-existing forms, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Forms area of your account
  2. Click the drop-down to edit your Form
  3. Click the checkbox “Enable Invisible reCAPTCHA” to enable reCAPTCA
  4. Input any domains where your form will be embedded
  5. Click save, copy your new form code, replace your old form code… done!

Stop the bots on your forms with reCAPTCHA.

#3 – More tutorials on our YouTube channel 👨‍💻

A peek at the SendFox YouTube channel tutorials.

We have a comprehensive FAQ on our site — but sometimes seeing is believing.

Last month, we created a YouTube channel. And in August, we added a few tutorials with step-by-step tips, strategies, and advice on how to get the most out of your SendFox account.

Click here to check out the YouTube channel, and stay tuned for more SendFox feature updates!

More smaller updates to make SendFox better:

  • Automatically-created automation for new customers
  • Improved, cleaner logos for all plans
  • Bonus contact increase for referring friends to join SendFox
  • Sign-up improvements so new customers get to success faster
  • Decimals brought back for unsubscribe and bounce rate (so you get better stats insights)

Also, check out here what we did last month and don’t forget to hop on AppSumo and grab the SendFox LifeTime deal while it’s live!

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