Email Marketing Strategy: How Wise Owl Media is Using SendFox for Growth? πŸ¦‰

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In this blog, we’ll show you Wise Owl Media ‘s email marketing strategy for growth.

WOW provides actionable advice β€” with articles and newsletters β€” based on the founder, Garrett Petticrew‘s quest to be wise, healthy and wealthy.

Garrett is passionate about self-improvement. For that reason, he decided to start Wise Owl Media to bring others along for the ride.

Through his articles about improving people’s mind, body, and bank accounts, Garrett was able to grow his audience of action-takers.

Soon, he realized that to continue this growth, he would need to build a mailing list to communicate directly with his most devoted readers. πŸ“£

So, his weekly newsletter Wise Owl Wednesday was born. Garrett started his newsletter on Mailchimp, but after decided to switch.

We Asked Garrett Why He Decided to Move to SendFox:

“SendFox formats my emails beautifully for mobile and web, and I don’t have to do anything special as I did with Mailchimp. Honestly, that aspect alone save me probably 10-15 minutes per email because I don’t have to test it multiple times to get images to look the right way across devices. What I need is a platform that I can send simple, beautifully formatted content to my readers.”

“SendFox’s desire to stay away from affiliate marketers and other spammy marketing efforts was a big plus for me. 99% of what I create is long-form written content, so deliverability is so critical. If my readers don’t get my emails, what is the point?”

Want to have a look at Garrett’s emails? Check them out here. πŸ”Ž

Garrett Also Shared With Us What He Loves About Our Tool and why he chose SendFox for his email marketing strategy:

“Landing pages, basic automations, and list building feel much simpler on SendFox than on other platforms I have used. The new blog feed URL is amazing and allows me to easily share older newsletter content with new subscribers. I’m impressed with SendFox for reaching out and caring about its users. Your team is doing great work, thank you.”

SendFox Automation sequence email marketing strategy
Preview of Wise Healthy Wealthy’s welcome automation series.

“I love that SendFox is powerful, but not intimidating to use for someone new to email marketing.”

Right now, Wise Owl Media’s main email marketing strategy focuses on their weekly content-heavy newsletter that their subscribers love to receive.

In the future, Garrett is planning to grow the number of subscribers of Wise Owl Wednesdays.

Included in his plans to grow his audience, Garrett will be running book giveaways at the end of each quarter using KingSumo, a giveaway web app that integrates directly with SendFox.

Another plan for the future is the creation of a paid newsletter aka “Wise Owl Premium”.

The exclusive newsletter will feature:

  • Garrett’s personal Crypto investment strategy and portfolio
  • Psychedelic medicine
  • Details on Garrett’s reading, fitness, and finance goals
  • Free access to future courses 

This is just the start for Garrett and his newsletter. We can’t wait to see what’s next!

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  1. Are there plans to enable a paid newsletter option like Substack? This combined with your automations would be a game changer (paid email courses, etc.).

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