5 Tricks to Grow Your Audience [Using Email Marketing and Instagram]

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Why is it important to combine Email Marketing and Instagram

Instagram is perfect for content creators to build their brand and reach new audiences. But you can achieve even better results by combining it with email marketing.

Combining Instagram and email marketing not only reduces your dependability on one platform but also increases engagement and builds your following far better than either channel alone.

In this blog post, we will show you five tricks that combine email marketing and Instagram to grow your audience and increase engagement.

1. Send Emails With Your Latest Instagram Posts 

Your Instagram posts are not guaranteed to be seen by your followers, it all depends on the platform’s algorithm.   

Instead of hoping they see your post while they’re aimlessly scrolling through social media, you can use email.

With email marketing, you can send your subscribers an email guaranteed to land directly in their inbox. That way your followers don’t miss out on important information like your latest updates and posts.

The social media agency Laundry Service found that using Instagram-style photography increased click-through rates to 8% and conversion rate by 25%.

Using SendFox, you can easily create an email campaign that contains your Instagram style photography with the Email Generator feature. All you need to do is follow these steps.

Besides increasing engagement and growing your audience, the email generator feature will save you tons of time and resources. 

2. Use Lead Magnets in Exchange for Email Addresses

Generating new email subscribers on Instagram is no different from getting sign-ups with any other platform. To increase sign-ups via Instagram, you can use lead magnets.

Lead magnets are any piece of content such as an ebook, podcast, or guide that gives value to your audience in exchange for their email.

Here’s an example from Shelli Johnson using call-to-action on her Instagram bio encouraging followers to download a free ebook in exchange for signing up for her list.

Email Marketing and Instagram - Shelli Johnson example

Pro tip: Make sure your lead magnet is optimized for mobile because most people on Instagram are using the app on their phones.

3. Create Giveaways

Another great way to incentivize people to join your mailing list is by running a giveaway. 

Giveaways not only boost your engagement and reach on Instagram but also grow your email marketing list remarkably. 

You can use KingSumo for free to set up a giveaway where contestants are required to join your email list to enter. KingSumo also directly integrates with SendFox, making email marketing even easier.

Here’s an example of how Noah Kagan is promoting his giveaway on Instagram to gain more email subscribers: 

Noah's example of Email Marketing and Instagram

Check out below Noah’s giveaway landing page created through KingSumo:

Noah's giveaway combining Email Marketing and Instagram

4. Share your Instagram Posts On Your Smart Page

SendFox’s smart pages are better than your regular landing pages because you can showcase content from your different social media accounts including Instagram. 

Use your smart page to reuse the awesome content you posted on Instagram and encourage people to sign-up to your mailing list and follow you on Instagram.

Trailyn Ventures, showcases their Instagram posts on their Smart Page:

Instagram posts on SendFox Smart Page

Chris Spiegl also uses this strategy on his smart page:

Email Marketing and Instagram - Chris Spiegl's Smart Page

5. Add your Smart Page to your Instagram Bio

Your Instagram bio is a perfect place to ask your followers to connect with you somewhere else rather than on Instagram. 

Sharing the URL of your Smart Page on your bio is a great way to get followers join your email list.

Here is an example from the Creative Coder’s Instagram that you can replicate: 

Creative Coder’s Instagram page

Get Better Results by Combining Email Marketing and Instagram

Instagram and email marketing are both great individually but used together can bring even better results.

To recap, here are five tricks you can use combining Instagram and email marketing to grow and engage your audience:

  1. Create email campaigns to share your latest Instagram posts. Don’t depend on Instagram’s algorithm. Increase the chances of your latest content being seen by sending emails to your subscribers with your latest content. 
  2. Use lead magnets. Incentivize your Instagram followers to subscribe to your mailing list by offering them a valuable piece of content (i.e. ebook, mini-course, etc).
  3. Create giveaways. Make sure that contestants provide their email to participate in your giveaway and this will organically increase sign-ups from Instagram. 
  4. Add your latest Instagram posts to your smart page. Reuse and showcase your Instagram posts on your Smart Page to encourage more people signing up to your list and follow you on Instagram. 
  5. Share your smart page URL on your Instagram bio. You don’t have to run a giveaway or provide a lead magnet to get more sign-ups. You can include a link to your smart page so that Instagram followers interested in connecting via email can sign-up. 

If you’re ready to increase your marketing efforts using email marketing and Instagram, sign-up to SendFox for FREE here and check our guide on how to set it up here.

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