How to Create an Email Newsletter People Want to Read [and Examples From Content Creators We Love]

how to create an email newsletter

In this blog, we’re going to share 5 tips on how to create an email newsletter that stands out and people want to read.

If you’re a content creator, you NEED to have a newsletter. 

Newsletters are emails sent regularly — giving content your subscribers love (like blog posts, news, personal recommendations, tips, or announcements).

Email newsletters should be a critical part of your marketing strategy. Here’s why:

  1. It drives traffic to your website, social media accounts, podcast, etc.
  2. Helps you establish yourself as a key player in your niche (i.e. self-improvement, marketing, etc).
  3. Helps you build trust and nurture the relationship with your audience.

It’s important your newsletter stands out, especially with so much competition out there.

Here we go…

1. Select ONE Goal for Your Newsletter 

Choose one goal for your newsletter and decide how often and when you will send it (i.e. every Friday at noon or at 9 am every first Monday of the month). 

This is important because it will build a habit for your audience. Subscribers will know the specific content they should expect from you and when they should be ready for your newsletter.

A great example of this is Noah Kagan’s newsletter.

Noah’s #1 goal in 2020 is to grow his YouTube channel. So EVERY email is focused around that.

For example, you’ll notice that typically the first link in his newsletters is related to a video on his YouTube channel, which helps drive traffic there.

Other goals that work well for content creators include:

  • 250,000 YouTube subscribers by the end of the year (this is Noah’s goal)
  • 10,000 active email subscribers 
  • $5,575 in sales generated from an online course

Noah is also consistent with his newsletters’ timings and sends his email out every Wednesday at 7 am CT time.

His subscribers know when to expect an email from him and this has led to great results: the majority of his newsletters have an open rate above 30%. 

Click here to set a calendar reminder to create and schedule your newsletter.

Here’s the newsletter Noah created that aligns with his goal:

Email newsletter people want to read
Noah Kagan’s weekly newsletter. Click here for a closer look.

2. Break up Your Newsletter Into Blocks 

The average time a subscriber reads a newsletter is only 51 seconds.

So the last thing you want to do is write a long and text-heavy email newsletter. 

Newsletters should be easy to digest and skim. 

The best approach for your newsletter is to separate it into easily consumable blocks of content. This will make the reading experience enjoyable for your subscribers. 

Each section should ideally include a heading and a description that informs the reader what they’ll learn from clicking through and reading that piece of content.

Kartik’s newsletter for his company KShark Apps is a great example. He sends out a newsletter that contains the latest trends and news in the mobile app industry.

He separates his content into short and interesting sections which makes it easy to skim and read.

KShark App's newsletter
KShark App’s newsletter. Click here for a closer look.

You can create a newsletter like Kartik’s in SendFox in less than 5 minutes. Find out more here.

3. Supply Valuable Content

44% of subscribers share content because it’s entertaining and 25% share information because it’s educational

By including valuable content in your newsletter that is entertaining and educational, you will not only create an email that people want to read but also share — helping you grow your business or brand through email marketing.

We have two examples below of newsletters that consistently share valuable content with their readers. These newsletters have open rates higher than industry standards. 

The first example is Joe de Leo from Leo Training. He provides training and resources for strength, conditioning and injury rehabilitation for rowers.

Leo Training's newsletter
Leo Training’s newsletter. Click here for a closer look.

Joe does an excellent job at providing specific valuable content to his audience, people that work or are passionate about the rowing industry while also taking into account current events and what’s on his subscribers’ mind. 

Our second example is Andy from Be Clever with your Cash, a personal finance blogger from the UK.

Andy sends a weekly newsletter with TONS of educational content that will help his subscribers be clever with their cash.

He also does a great job at separating them into digestible blocks that make it easy for his readers to skim through and read.

Create email newsletter people want to read
Andy Be Clever with your Cash’s weekly newsletter. Click here to have a closer look.

At the end of his newsletter, Andy also shares his top deals and other places where his subscribers can find him online.

Andy Be Clever with your Cash's weekly newsletter
Andy Be Clever with your Cash’s weekly newsletter. Click here for a closer look.

4. Add Captivating Images & Graphics

People process images 60,000 times faster than words.

Adding interesting and high-quality images will not only help your newsletter look good but also help grab your subscribers’ attention, get them to read your content and click on your call to action. 

Using an image for each piece of content is super beneficial. This is because you can use the images to summarize or explain each of the sections of your newsletter like SendFox customer, Jason Littrell

Jason is a jack of all trades. A consultant, coach, course creator, and podcaster that works in the hospitality and spirits industry. 

He uses images and graphics that help his subscribers easily identify what type of content he has curated in his newsletter.

Adding images also improves click-through rates (42% to be exact).

Jason Littrell's newsletter
Jason Littrell’s newsletter. Click here for a closer look.

5. Add your Personal Style 

Branding matters. 

It is what separates your brand or company from the rest. Also, it helps build trust with your subscribers and allows them to recognize you easily. 

Don’t forget about it when building your newsletter. 

A stylish newsletter that is always on brand is The Right Hairstyles’ newsletter.

The Right Hairstyles is a blog written by hair experts dedicated to helping people find the right hairstyles for them.

Check out to of their newsletters sent below:

The Right Hairstyles' newsletter
The Right Hairstyles’ newsletter. Click here to have a closer look.
The Right Hairstyles' newsletter2
The Right Hairstyles’ newsletter. Click here to have a closer look.

Here’s how The Right Hairstyles is doing branding right:

  • Include the same logo and footer image in all their emails.
  • Their sender name is always the same: The Right Hairstyles.
  • Use the same formatting and structure for all their emails.
  • Color scheme, CTAs and fonts are consistent in all their newsletters.
  • They have a greeting their audience recognizes (“Hey beautiful!”) and their emails are signed off by the same person, Victoria Nockey. 

The Right Hairstyles ticks all the boxes in our branding checklist. If you want to improve your branding, download our branding checklist here.

Key Takeaways

Well-designed email newsletters, guarantee constant traffic to your website, improve your subscriber’s trust in your business and help establish yourself as an expert in your field. 

As a content creator, you know it’s hard to create newsletters that compel your subscribers to open, read, and engage with your content. 

Apply the 5 tips in this blog to create an email newsletter that stands out and people want to read:

  1. Focus on one goal for your newsletter and decide how often and when you will send it to your subscribers. 
  2. Separate your newsletter into blocks of content that make it easy for your subscriber to skim and read your curated content. 
  3. Include valuable information, especially if it’s educational or entertaining.
  4. Insert vibrant images or graphics to improve click-through rates and engagement.
  5. Add your personal style and be consistent.

Ready to start your newsletter? Join SendFox today.

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