SendFox Feature Updates: June 2020

In June, we released a lot of new features and updates.

#1 – Cleaner Smart Pages 🎉

A new Smart Page, from Chief Sumo Noah’s account.
The new subscribe with Google and Facebook buttons make it easy for people to join your list.

Smart Pages showcase your best content.

Redesigned from the ground up in June, Smart Pages now shows your content — emails, YouTube videos, blog posts, podcasts, and Tweets — more beautifully than ever.

We also added subscribe via Facebook and Google to help you get more subscribers fast.

#2 – Better Smart Campaigns 🚀

An auto-created Smart Campaign. It took a YouTube channel, and it made this email in one click!

Smart Campaigns turn your best content into an email.

No more procrastinating because you’re not sure what to write. Just one click, and your email is auto-created.

In June, we made auto-generation better. And, you can now generate Smart Campaigns manually by clicking the circle icon on your Email Dashboard.

#3 – Subscriber Referral improvements 🎆

The improved Subscriber Referrals footer, using Chief Sumo Noah’s emails as an example.
An example Referral Hub leaderboard.

Turn your existing subscribers into salespeople. With Subscriber Referrals, your current readers can refer more readers to your newsletter — and get prizes when they do.

We cleaned up the Subscriber Referrals footer design in emails to make it more effective. And, we added a leaderboard to your Referral Hub.

Click here to set up your Subscriber Referrals.

#4 – Email Editor improvements ⚡️

The Email Editor now has a sticky header and footer bar to make it easier when drafting emails.

And, we made adjustments to the time selector. Scheduling emails is now easier.

Click here to draft your next email.

Plus, we worked hard on some smaller updates and fixes:

  • New banners to clarify if you’re warming up, optimized, or have free plan restrictions
  • Ability to edit double opt-in confirmation emails
  • Cleaned up FAQ so you can get answers to your questions quicker

SendFox Feature Updates: May 2020

Tons of great feature updates for our customers inside of SendFox this month.

#1 – Smart Pages 🌎

Noah’s Smart Page — he highlights his videos, podcast, newsletters, blog, and social.
Noah’s Smart Page “Social” tab, showing Twitter.

Keep all your best content in one place with our new Smart Pages.

These pages are the evolution of Landing Pages — but with some HUGE new features:

  1. Show off your YouTube videos, newsletters, blog posts, podcasts, and Tweets in one place.
  2. Make it easy for your subscribers to not miss anything you create.

These new Smart Pages are your central hub for all your content. Share it with everyone.

To set up your Smart Page content hub, just add your feeds to any existing or new Smart Page. Then, click “Enable Feed”. Voilà! All your best content will be shown on your Smart Page.

#2 – Smart Campaigns 🤓

The Smart Campaign view, accessible from your dashboard.
An example of a Smart Campaign, automatically pulling one of Noah’s YouTube videos.

With this month’s Smart Page update, you’re showing off your best content…

What about making it easier to send an email with your best content?

Smart Campaigns make this possible:

  1. Weekly Newsletter. Automatically-drafted email with your best content every Sunday — including your YouTube videos, blog posts, podcast episodes, and social media posts.
  2. Content Updates. Automatically-drafted email with your new content (aka auto-RSS).

#3 – Improved Subscriber Referrals 📩

An example “Referral Hub” page for Noah’s list.
The improved Subscriber Referral footer available in emails, using Noah’s list as an example.

Last month, we introduced you to our Subscriber Referrals feature. This feature allowed you to give prizes to subscribers who refer more subscribers to your list.

This month, we made Subscriber Referrals better than EVER:

  • Improved Subscriber Referrals Editor so it’s easier for you to set up.
  • “Referral Hub” for subscribers to see how many referrals they have, easily share your newsletter with your friends, check out prizes, and more.
  • Cleaned-up Subscriber Referrals Footer to make your emails look more polished.

Other notable updates:

  • Title of email always matches the subject line (even on clone).
  • HTML editor added to Automation emails for Empire Add-On customers.
  • Automation emails not sent until after a subscriber confirms (when double opt-in is enabled).
  • Branding completely disabled on all Smart Pages for Empire Add-On customers.
  • When a customer is Optimized, the reason for the Optimization is shown in the tooltips.
  • HTTP and www stripped out of domain validation to make validating your domain easier.

SendFox Feature Updates April 2020

Check out the latest bunch of awesome SendFox feature updates added to our platform last month:

#1 – Weekly Template 🚀

Weekly Template settings
Setting up your weekly template email with your content is easy.
Weekly Template email editor
The weekly template email in your editor.

The world’s best content creators are using a weekly template to send their emails — Tim Ferriss, Taylor Pearson, and our own Chief Sumo Noah.

Now, EVERY SendFox customer can easily send weekly template emails for epic results.

Just use the “Templates” button at the bottom of your email creator.

#2 – Subscriber referrals ‍‍👦🏻👧🏻👦🏻

subscriber referral sendfox feature updates
Subscriber referrals at the bottom of your email.
referral feature contacts
Subscribers with referrals in your Contacts view.

Our friends at Morning Brew grew their email list to 2+ million… and a big reason why is subscriber referrals.

For every new subscriber that an existing subscriber refers, the existing subscriber can earn prizes.

You can now automatically set up subscriber referrals in your SendFox account.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to “Subscriber Referrals” in your settings.
  2. Update the copy, and maybe add an image of the prize levels (check out inspiration from Morning Brew). Make sure to check the box to show on your emails.
  3. Track your subscriber referrals in Contacts by clicking “View subscribers with referrals only” in the drop-down.

#3 – Email Editor Improvements 📩

email editor sendfox
Image resizer inside of the email editor.
sendfox feature updates mobile preview
Mobile and desktop preview for your email.

We added three big features to the Email Editor:

  • Preview button to see your emails in mobile and desktop.
  • Image resizer.
  • CTA button creator.

#4 – Landing page improvements 📃

sendfox tag feature
Email tags on your email.

To give you advanced control, you can add or remove tags from your emails.

By default, your Email Blog will display emails sent to your same list that’s tied to your Email Blog.

But with tagging, you can remove the tag on certain emails to hide them from your Email Blog.

Or, you can add the tag on special emails that you want everyone to see on your Email Blog.

#5 – More integrations 🔌

We added InfluenceKit integration this month. We’re now up to 13 total integrations.

Check out the most popular SendFox integrations.

Other notable updates:

  • UTM parameters auto-attached to all your emails to track in Google Analytics.
  • Social handles parsed in your social footers so they never 404.
  • Double opt-in “from” name and email address match your account settings.

Check out the SendFox blog for email marketing tips, SendFox updates, customer reviews and more.

What Makes Sendfox Different?

SendFox is here to revolutionize the email marketing industry by offering an affordable and powerful email marketing tool. 

Designed for content creators, SendFox has unique features that make it easier and better to communicate and grow your audience.

Find out what makes SendFox different — and why more than 15,000 people are using our tool.

Landing Pages That Convert! 🔥

With tons of data points collected from our thousands of customers, we’ve noticed the best landing pages are 3 things:

  1. Visually appealing 
  2. Quick for contacts to sign-up
  3. Easy to promote and share

It’s simple and straightforward to create a custom and branded landing pages in SendFox. We create one for you automatically when you sign up.

Here’s a landing page from Jenny Hill:

This landing page is AWESOME because:

  1. The design is clean and on brand. 
  2. It’s easy for anyone to sign-up.
  3. Her URL is, so it’s easy to share on social media and any other platform.
  4. Looks great on mobile too:

Besides making it easy for you to create a landing page in less than 5 minutes, we help you promote it.

After you create your landing page, we have a “promotion” page that has the easiest and most effective actions you can take to grow your mailing list.

Psst the above is based on marketing experts advice

And in SendFox, your emails don’t get lost anymore — you can now publish them on your landing page as a blog.

Showcasing your most popular emails as a blog will attract more people to your mailing list. Subscribers can also comment and easily share your emails on social media.

Providing the Best Deliverability 🏆

Email marketing ONLY matters if your emails arrive in the inbox.

Here’s what we do to make sure that happens:

  • Use SendGrid, a world-class platform, to send our customer’s emails from SendFox.
  • Check our IP reputations DAILY to ensure the quality deliverability.
SendFox’s IP reputation in mid-April.
  • An automatic optimization process to help customers with poor emails stats improve their sender reputation — so their emails arrive into the inbox more often.
  • A spam filter that checks emails for spam triggers before sending.

Active-Only Sending Feature ✉️

Your sender reputation and deliverability matter if you want your emails to land in the inbox. We’ve not only got deliverability covered for you but also your sender reputation.

To get a great sender reputation you need a good open rate.

To help, we have a feature that gives our customers the option to send emails only to their active subscribers. We do this ourselves to follow best practices and get better open and click rates.

When you click on this checkbox you are sending to your new and active contacts. 

SendFox makes it easy for you to improve your open rate and send to your MOST engaged contacts.

Create an Automation in Less Than 10 Seconds 🚀

We make it easy for customers to start automations.

On average, 40% of SendFox customers create automation within 24 hours of setting up their account. 

If you don’t know where to start with automations – don’t worry! 

We have customizable templates for you. All you need to do is use our Automation Assistant. It takes less than 10 seconds! Check it out below:


Besides email sequences, you can use our tagging feature to segment your contacts based on their actions within the automation.

OKDork’s automation sequence uses the tagging feature to segment subscribers interested in the podcast.
You can remove a contacts from an automation by checking the box “Remove contact from this automation”.

A Team Dedicated to Improving Sendfox 👨‍💻👩‍💻

The agile SendFox team has been working hard since day #1 to build the BEST email marketing tool for content creators. 

Since launching the tool in 2019, we’ve consistently added around 7-10 features per month and there’s many more to come! 

Our goal is to revolutionize the email marketing industry and we hope you will join us for the ride! 

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