Customers Stories: How to Grow Your Business With SendFox Email Marketing 🚀

SendFox Email Marketing

Garth Dew has been dedicated to filmmaking and video marketing for the last six years and he is going to show you how he used SendFox email marketing to grow his business. 🎥

While growing his business, he has learned how to use digital channels to attract customers.

Now, he’s ready to teach others how to do the same. 💪

In his new business, Garth helps entrepreneurs learn about the tools and strategies that they need to attract new clients. 

Watch this video where he tells us more about how he’s using SendFox to grow his business 👇

SendFox: The Email Marketing Choice for a Growing Businesses

Before SendFox, Garth was using MailChimp. 

MailChimp left him disappointed because he found it clunky and poorly designed. When he wanted to add more features, the cost of the subscription went up.

He explains why he moved to SendFox and loves our tool:

What I love about Sendfox is that it is super affordable, super simple and all the functionality that you need is already included. I love the way the emails come through. They are minimal and display well on mobile.”

Garth Drew email on mobile
Preview of Garth’s email on mobile

I love the landing page where there is no distractions and only one option which is to opt-in. It’s a very simple and easy to use software. I also like the active subscribers checkbox, where you can choose to send your emails to people that are opening your campaigns.

How SendFox Is Helping Garth Grow His Business 📈

Garth uses landing pages and lead magnets to attract people to his list. His lead magnets include freebies like courses and books. 

Check out his landing page promoting his Free LinkedIn Course:

SendFox Email Marketing - landing page by Garth Drew

Garth knows that creating an awesome landing page is not enough to grow a mailing list, you also need to promote it!

Social media is a GREAT place to start. 💡

Check out how he promotes his course and how easy it is for him to share his landing page on LinkedIn:

Lading page shared on LinkedIn

Garth regularly shares valuable information with his mailing list because he knows it’s important to keep your subscribers engaged.

One of the strategies he uses to convert his audience into customers is a call to action. 📣

A call to action in email marketing is a button or hyperlinked text that makes your audience do something specific like visit your website or purchase your course.

In this email, Garth’s call to action is asking his audience to hit reply and book a session with him:

Garth's call to action email

Garth tells us that email marketing is ESSENTIAL because it’s where he can have one on one conversation with his subscribers.

We can’t wait to see how he continues to use email marketing to grow his mailing list and business!

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How the Busy Podcaster, Rob Roseman, Uses SendFox for Email Marketing ⏱️

sendfox customer example

In today’s blog, we’re sharing one of SendFox customer experience’s using our email marketing platform.

Rob Roseman is the busy father of three behind the actionable and funny podcast The Dad the Best I Can Show. 🎤

The podcast started when the former Chicago futures trader and Las Vegas professional poker player decided he wanted to reinvent himself.

Since starting the podcast he has booked 80+ high-performing entrepreneurs like Jesse Itzler and David Cancel (CEO of to come on the show and talk about Dad life.

He told us that through his podcast, he wants to let Dads know “that any Dad (new or old), can take some peace knowing that we’re all winging it, going through the same ups and WTF downs of fatherhood and that we’re all just trying to Dad the Best I Can”.

Is Email Marketing Useful for Podcasters?

Rob said that he had no intention of using email marketing because he wanted to focus on his podcast. But his mentor, Nev Medhora, from convinced him otherwise.

Nev told Rob that podcasters were missing out on a huge opportunity to deliver real value if they didn’t share their content in different ways such as email marketing. ✉️

After that, Rob jumped on the email marketing bandwagon. He shares more about how he started:

“[I got ] inspired by Ryan Holiday and his team at (another Sendfox user and inspiration), I took the Dad Tips and cut them into weekly emails, with the help of Sumo to capture emails on

Rob started his email marketing journey with MailChimp and ConvertKit but decided to move to SendFox. He tells us about his decision:

“When I saw SendFox popup on an AppSumo email, I was intrigued. It looked like a simple and inexpensive solution to my main goal building out an auto-responder to deliver weekly tips to other Dads.”

“Price, simplicity, and the big one…my trust in Noah Kagan, were my main reasons for giving it a whirl. I’ve been happy with how easy it is to use, especially for people like me, who don’t have much time to dedicate to marketing.”

Using Automations to Repurpose Content and Save Time ♻️

Using automations, Rob has created a “Welcome Dad Podcast Series”. This automation introduces new subscribers to his content and re-purposes the tips his guests have shared.

Rob has also used the tagging feature in automations, which helps him segment customers into specific lists.

For example, in his “Welcome Dad Podcast Series”, Rob shares an awesome PDF with his favorite Dad tips. He wants to have a special list dedicated to people that have clicked on the PDF. That way he can send them related content that he knows these subscribers will love.

Welcome Dad Podcast Series

As Rob continues to interview more incredible entrepreneurs, he will add more emails to his automation to repurpose the Dad tips and share this content with new subscribers.

Rob loves SendFox because it is easy to build out email automations and makes email marketing less overwhelming.

Interested in Rob’s Dad tips? He has a book of Dad Tips coming soon — sign-up here to find out more 👈

Want to join the SendFox party? You can find our lifetime deal on AppSumo HERE!

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SendFox Review: YouTube Star, Muchelleb, Shares Her Thoughts on Sendfox and How She Uses It ✉️

Michelle Barnes SendFox review

We will share with you one of our customer’s review of SendFox and how she uses as a content creator.

Michelle Barnes is the Australian content-creator behind the popular YouTube channel Muchelleb. 🔆

She uploads videos every week that focus on intentional living, minimalism, productivity and getting things done.

Since she started posting videos on her channel four years ago, Michelle has grown her YouTube channel to 350k subscribers. What’s more, her videos have received over 22.1+ million views. 

Email Marketing for Content Creators

Michelle started using emails as a way to have direct contact with her subscribers outside of YouTube and to complement her channel’s content.

She shares how important email marketing is for her as a content creator:

“I use email marketing to stay in touch with my community on a platform that I can control. I can let them know about new uploads to my channel and give them a deep-dive view into some of the topics that I talk about in my videos.”

As Michelle focuses on growing her unique community of badass babes, she understands the importance of finding the best tools to communicate with her audience. 💬

In addition, she tells us why she decided to move to SendFox:

“I was using a service that was really pricey, complex to use and more catered to an ecommerce store than a content creator. When I found Sendfox I was really excited to see a platform that was really simple and easy to use, and was focused on content creators specifically.”

How Michelle Is Growing Her Community Through SendFox

Michelle joined SendFox in 2019. Since then, she has sent over 55k emails and created eight automations that are linked to eight separate landing pages. Easy-peasy using SendFox.

Through landing pages, Michelle has increased her mailing list by using lead magnets

Lead magnets consist of offering a long piece of content such as an ebook, podcast, guide (almost anything you can think of!) in exchange for a person’s contact details.

For example, to gain access to one of Michelle’s exclusive workbooks, you have to sign-up to her mailing list. 

Michelle’s Smart page

Want to create your own lead magnet? Learn how to create one here.

Lastly, the YouTube star shares what she loves about SendFox:

“The main thing I love is the minimal layout, the ease of use – and the lovely customer service! I hope to keep on using SendFox to its fullest, and can’t wait to see what’s to come.”

And we can’t wait to see what’s to come for Muchelleb

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At SendFox, we are working hard to continue making our platform the best email marketing tool for content creators.

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Email Marketing Strategy: How Wise Owl Media is Using SendFox for Growth? 🦉

email marketing strategy SendFox

In this blog, we’ll show you Wise Owl Media ‘s email marketing strategy for growth.

WOW provides actionable advice — with articles and newsletters — based on the founder, Garrett Petticrew‘s quest to be wise, healthy and wealthy.

Garrett is passionate about self-improvement. For that reason, he decided to start Wise Owl Media to bring others along for the ride.

Through his articles about improving people’s mind, body, and bank accounts, Garrett was able to grow his audience of action-takers.

Soon, he realized that to continue this growth, he would need to build a mailing list to communicate directly with his most devoted readers. 📣

So, his weekly newsletter Wise Owl Wednesday was born. Garrett started his newsletter on Mailchimp, but after decided to switch.

We Asked Garrett Why He Decided to Move to SendFox:

“SendFox formats my emails beautifully for mobile and web, and I don’t have to do anything special as I did with Mailchimp. Honestly, that aspect alone save me probably 10-15 minutes per email because I don’t have to test it multiple times to get images to look the right way across devices. What I need is a platform that I can send simple, beautifully formatted content to my readers.”

“SendFox’s desire to stay away from affiliate marketers and other spammy marketing efforts was a big plus for me. 99% of what I create is long-form written content, so deliverability is so critical. If my readers don’t get my emails, what is the point?”

Want to have a look at Garrett’s emails? Check them out here. 🔎

Garrett Also Shared With Us What He Loves About Our Tool and why he chose SendFox for his email marketing strategy:

“Landing pages, basic automations, and list building feel much simpler on SendFox than on other platforms I have used. The new blog feed URL is amazing and allows me to easily share older newsletter content with new subscribers. I’m impressed with SendFox for reaching out and caring about its users. Your team is doing great work, thank you.”

SendFox Automation sequence email marketing strategy
Preview of Wise Healthy Wealthy’s welcome automation series.

“I love that SendFox is powerful, but not intimidating to use for someone new to email marketing.”

Right now, Wise Owl Media’s main email marketing strategy focuses on their weekly content-heavy newsletter that their subscribers love to receive.

In the future, Garrett is planning to grow the number of subscribers of Wise Owl Wednesdays.

Included in his plans to grow his audience, Garrett will be running book giveaways at the end of each quarter using KingSumo, a giveaway web app that integrates directly with SendFox.

Another plan for the future is the creation of a paid newsletter aka “Wise Owl Premium”.

The exclusive newsletter will feature:

  • Garrett’s personal Crypto investment strategy and portfolio
  • Psychedelic medicine
  • Details on Garrett’s reading, fitness, and finance goals
  • Free access to future courses 

This is just the start for Garrett and his newsletter. We can’t wait to see what’s next!

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Still not convinced? No worries, check out some of these great customized Mailchimp Templates!

Interested in KingSumo? Find out more here. 👑

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