5 Tricks to Grow Your Audience [Using Email Marketing and Instagram]

Why is it important to combine Email Marketing and Instagram

Instagram is perfect for content creators to build their brand and reach new audiences. But you can achieve even better results by combining it with email marketing.

Combining Instagram and email marketing not only reduces your dependability on one platform but also increases engagement and builds your following far better than either channel alone.

In this blog post, we will show you five tricks that combine email marketing and Instagram to grow your audience and increase engagement.

1. Send Emails With Your Latest Instagram Posts 

Your Instagram posts are not guaranteed to be seen by your followers, it all depends on the platform’s algorithm.   

Instead of hoping they see your post while they’re aimlessly scrolling through social media, you can use email.

With email marketing, you can send your subscribers an email guaranteed to land directly in their inbox. That way your followers don’t miss out on important information like your latest updates and posts.

The social media agency Laundry Service found that using Instagram-style photography increased click-through rates to 8% and conversion rate by 25%.

Using SendFox, you can easily create an email campaign that contains your Instagram style photography with the Email Generator feature. All you need to do is follow these steps.

Besides increasing engagement and growing your audience, the email generator feature will save you tons of time and resources. 

2. Use Lead Magnets in Exchange for Email Addresses

Generating new email subscribers on Instagram is no different from getting sign-ups with any other platform. To increase sign-ups via Instagram, you can use lead magnets.

Lead magnets are any piece of content such as an ebook, podcast, or guide that gives value to your audience in exchange for their email.

Here’s an example from Shelli Johnson using call-to-action on her Instagram bio encouraging followers to download a free ebook in exchange for signing up for her list.

Email Marketing and Instagram - Shelli Johnson example

Pro tip: Make sure your lead magnet is optimized for mobile because most people on Instagram are using the app on their phones.

3. Create Giveaways

Another great way to incentivize people to join your mailing list is by running a giveaway. 

Giveaways not only boost your engagement and reach on Instagram but also grow your email marketing list remarkably. 

You can use KingSumo for free to set up a giveaway where contestants are required to join your email list to enter. KingSumo also directly integrates with SendFox, making email marketing even easier.

Here’s an example of how Noah Kagan is promoting his giveaway on Instagram to gain more email subscribers: 

Noah's example of Email Marketing and Instagram

Check out below Noah’s giveaway landing page created through KingSumo:

Noah's giveaway combining Email Marketing and Instagram

4. Share your Instagram Posts On Your Smart Page

SendFox’s smart pages are better than your regular landing pages because you can showcase content from your different social media accounts including Instagram. 

Use your smart page to reuse the awesome content you posted on Instagram and encourage people to sign-up to your mailing list and follow you on Instagram.

Trailyn Ventures, showcases their Instagram posts on their Smart Page:

Instagram posts on SendFox Smart Page

Chris Spiegl also uses this strategy on his smart page:

Email Marketing and Instagram - Chris Spiegl's Smart Page

5. Add your Smart Page to your Instagram Bio

Your Instagram bio is a perfect place to ask your followers to connect with you somewhere else rather than on Instagram. 

Sharing the URL of your Smart Page on your bio is a great way to get followers join your email list.

Here is an example from the Creative Coder’s Instagram that you can replicate: 

Creative Coder’s Instagram page

Get Better Results by Combining Email Marketing and Instagram

Instagram and email marketing are both great individually but used together can bring even better results.

To recap, here are five tricks you can use combining Instagram and email marketing to grow and engage your audience:

  1. Create email campaigns to share your latest Instagram posts. Don’t depend on Instagram’s algorithm. Increase the chances of your latest content being seen by sending emails to your subscribers with your latest content. 
  2. Use lead magnets. Incentivize your Instagram followers to subscribe to your mailing list by offering them a valuable piece of content (i.e. ebook, mini-course, etc).
  3. Create giveaways. Make sure that contestants provide their email to participate in your giveaway and this will organically increase sign-ups from Instagram. 
  4. Add your latest Instagram posts to your smart page. Reuse and showcase your Instagram posts on your Smart Page to encourage more people signing up to your list and follow you on Instagram. 
  5. Share your smart page URL on your Instagram bio. You don’t have to run a giveaway or provide a lead magnet to get more sign-ups. You can include a link to your smart page so that Instagram followers interested in connecting via email can sign-up. 

If you’re ready to increase your marketing efforts using email marketing and Instagram, sign-up to SendFox for FREE here and check our guide on how to set it up here.

How to Grow and Monetize Your Podcast Using Email Marketing

If you have a podcast, don’t overlook email marketing. 

It’s one of the best ways to speak directly to your listeners and promote your podcast. Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter.  It’s also profitable. For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $44 in ROI

In this blog post, you’ll find out how email marketing can help you monetize, grow, and build a more engaged audience. We’ll also show you how you can get started TODAY.

1. Grow Your podcast Audience by Growing Your Email List

Unlike social media, when you use email marketing, your message lands straight in your subscriber’s inbox and you can decide when and how often you want to communicate with your subscribers. 

Here is a list of ways that email marketing can help you grow your podcast:

  • Capture future listeners. If you have a website or social media presence, you can capture the people that visited your pages and stay in touch with them: all you need to do is collect their email addresses. Many ESPs include forms and landing pages that will help you do this. You can embed the ESP’s form on your website to collect emails. If you don’t have a website, don’t worry about that – many ESPs, including SendFox, offer free landing pages. A landing page is a website specifically designed to collect email addresses. You can share the URL on your social media, podcast, and more.
  • Use lead magnets. Lead magnets consist of offering a long piece of content such as an ebook, podcast, guide (almost anything you can think of) in exchange for a person’s contact details. This will increase the chances that a person visiting your website or social media channel sign-ups to your mailing list and becomes a listener.
  • Create a referral program just like the Morning Brew! This is rewarding your most loyal subscribers for getting more people to sign-up for your newsletter and potentially becoming new listeners. You can also make it a milestone system, where your subscribers get different rewards depending on the number of people that they have referred.

2. Increase Your Audience’s Engagement using email marketing

Email marketing lets you directly message your subscribers so it’s also a great opportunity to build a relationship with them. Your subscribers have signed-up to receive emails from you so they are also keen to read your emails and know more about your podcast. 

Here are some techniques that you can use to improve the engagement with your subscribers:

  • Send regular content. Many podcasters send a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly newsletter to their subscribers that contain updates on new episodes, guests, and topics. You can also include other resources that your listeners might find useful. 
  • Ask listeners for feedback. Email is not only a way for you to directly contact your subscribers; it’s also a way for them to directly contact you. At the end of each email, you can ask subscribers to give you feedback on what they thought of the episode, guest, or topic. Pro-tip: this also helps improve your sender reputation. This is because if email clients see that people are not only opening but also responding to your emails – they will categorize you as a great sender and make sure that your emails land in the inbox.
  • Create a welcome automation series. Automation is a sequence of emails that you can automatically send to your subscribers once they sign-up. After someone sign-ups to your mailing list, you can continue the momentum by sending them an automation series that includes emails welcoming subscribers to your mailing list and also re-sharing the best content from your podcast. Subscribers who receive a Welcome email show 33% more engagement with the brand.
Dad the Best I Can, email marketing podcast automation series
Podcast’s, Dad the Best I Can, welcome series.

3. Monetization Opportunities

It’s worth mentioning again: For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $44 in ROI! There’s also another statistic, based on data from Sumo Group, that says that every subscriber on your list is worth approximately $1

As a podcaster, email marketing is a no brainer if you want to expand your opportunities for monetization. Here are three ways you can do this:  

  • Sponsorships. Using email marketing, you can sell more ad spots and sponsored content. You can speak to your current sponsors and advertisers about your email list to let them know you can put their product or service in front of hundreds (or thousands) of subscribers. You could also add the company’s logo at the beginning, middle, or end of your content, just like the example below:
Noah newsletters sponsored by the Morning Brew
One of Noah Kagan’s newsletters sponsored by the Morning Brew.
  • Promote your other products and services. Once you’ve done the hard work of building an engaged audience that trusts you, you can easily promote any other products or services that you might want to expand into like merchandise, online courses, and more. 
  • Paid newsletter. Another way you can monetize through email is by creating an exclusive paid newsletter. Many paid newsletters work on a subscription basis (i.e. $5 per month) and provide subscribers with exclusive content such as non-public videos, behind the scenes content, exclusive Q&As, etc.

Podcasters Using Email Marketing:

Modern Jeeper is a podcast about the new and growing world of off road adventure and Jeep ownership. They send a weekly newsletter to their subscribers with their latest episodes and other information they think their audience would love.

Modern Jeeper email marketing podcast weekly newsletter

Love Line for Business is the podcast all about helping entrepreneurs love their work again. In their weekly newsletter, they share details about their latest episodes and recommendations on books and tools that entrepreneurs should check out.

Love Line for Business email marketing podcast weekly newsletter

Pacific Atrocities is a podcast with the mission of increasing awareness about atrocities committed in the Asia-Pacific Theater of World War II. They use SendFox to send their weekly newsletter with updates of their new podcast episodes and resources that their audience will find interesting.

Pacific Atrocities email marketing podcast weekly newsletter

Step by Step: How to get started with email marketing and grow your podcast audience

Now that you know why you need email marketing for your podcast, we are going to show you how to get started

1. Create a SendFox account

Go to our website https://sendfox.com/ and sign-up for an account. Follow the onboarding process that takes less than 5 min. 

SendFox homepage
SendFox homepage.

2. Start collecting emails

Next up, start collecting subscribers. 

We’ll start by creating a SendFox smart page (basically what we call our landing pages). You can follow the steps in this video on how to create a SendFox smart page. 

When it’s ready, copy the URL of your smart page and share it on your podcast show notes, social media channels and add it to the footer of your email signature. 

Let’s create a SendFox form, check out this video that includes the instructions on how to create a SendFox form. If you have a website, make sure to embed this form to stop missing out on subscribers. 

3. Build a Welcome Automation Series

Automations are a great way to start engaging with your audience as soon as they sign-up. SendFox makes it very easy for you to create one using our automation assistant. 

Automation tab
Automation tab within the SendFox web app.

After clicking Start with a template, follow the steps of the automation assistant.

Automation creation 1
Automation creation 2

When you’re done, you’ll see an option called Welcome Series. Click on this option and SendFox will automatically create an automation for you.

Automation Assistant

This is what the welcome series created by the automation assistant will look like:

Finished automation

4. Set up your referral system

A referral system is a great way to grow and engage your current subscribers. To set this up, follow the steps in this article

5. Create and send your first emails

Last but not least, send your first email to your subscribers. If you don’t know where to start or what to include use SendFox’s Smart Campaigns. 

With Smart Campaigns, SendFox automatically creates an email for you in less than one minute with the best content from your RSS feed. 

Find out more about how it works and how to set it up in this video tutorial


Email marketing is an important tool to help you grow, engage, and further monetize your podcast.

You’ll get to know your audience on a deeper level, engage them in new and creative ways, and maximize your ability to grow your show, and business.

Get started today with email marketing, get the SendFox lifetime deal here.

And once again, if you have a podcast, don’t overlook email marketing. ✌

Why Email Marketing is Important [Even If Your Website, Course, or Book Is Not Ready]

Email marketing is one of the best ways to build an audience and increase your influence. 

Here are some real examples of people that did this:  

  • James Clear used email to grow his audience, which led him to selling multiple online courses and ultimately, becoming a best-selling author and sought-after speaker. 
  • Millionaire beauty mogul Huda Kattan, built her audience by starting a make-up email newsletter. 
  • Serial entrepreneur, Robert Glazer, increased his influence after building his audience with his newsletter called Friday Forward that also helped him become a bestselling author.

You can also build an audience and increase your influence with email marketing. Don’t make excuses, the best time to start is now.

In this blog post, we will be debunking the most common excuses about why you can’t start email marketing NOW :

1. “My book, course, website, or business is not ready”

This should be the other way around. Before launching any product or service, you need an audience to sell to. 

Email marketing is one of the best ways to build an audience and it can be a catalyst for your launch, especially because many of your subscribers are likely to convert into paying customers. 

You might still be thinking that you need a website to start collecting email addresses but this is not true. 

Many email service providers, including SendFox, have a landing page feature. This feature helps you create your own web page that you can easily share and use to start collecting email addresses. 

Check out these awesome landing pages for inspiration:

Table Life Blog Smart page
Table Life Blog Smart page

The best time to start building an audience is NOW. 

Even if your website, book, or course is not ready, send relevant information or updates to your subscribers to build momentum and guarantee that your launch is a success.

2. “I don’t have anyone to email” 

This step isn’t as hard as most people think it is. 

If you don’t have anyone in your email, it’s not because no one is interested, it’s because you just haven’t found subscribers yet. 

Here are 5 tips on what you can do to get subscribers:

1. Add the link of your landing page to your email signature. Most people send around 30-50 emails per day, so by doing this you are showcasing your newsletter to more people than you think.

2. Add your landing page URL to your social media bios (i.e. Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc). 

3. Share your newsletter with online communities. For example, if you are a chef that’s starting a newsletter on vegetarian recipes, think about the different online communities that might be interested in your content like a Facebook group for vegetarians or a subreddit on cooking. 

4. Create a giveaway! Using a giveaway to grow your list is not only effective, but it’s one of the methods with the highest return for your time. You can use KingSumo for free to set up your giveaway where visitors are required to join your email list to enter.

5. Tell your friends and family. Ask them to not only join your newsletter but also to share it with people they think might be interested in it. 

Also, check this guide on Social Media Marketing Tools to see how to get more subscribers through Social Media channels.

If you need more tips on how to get subscribers, check out this article from our friends at Sumo that has 60 ideas on how to get subscribers, or learn how to find email addresses.

3. “I don’t have time”

Your newsletter doesn’t have to be long and you don’t have to spend tons of hours creating unique content for each email campaign. 

Many successful newsletters are short and include content created by others. Here’s an example from Noah Kagan:

Why Email Marketing is Important
Weekly newsletter by Noah Kagan.

The first link is a YouTube video created by him and the last two items are product and content recommendations. 

His emails are also very short and take less than 5 minutes to read. This has been a successful formula for him and his email stats are higher than industry standards (~21%). The email above got a 35% open rate. 

You can curate all sorts of content from other people in your newsletter like blog posts, TED talks, a quote from the book you’re reading, and more. 

You can also save time and create a newsletter in less than 5 minutes using SendFox’s Smart Campaigns feature. 

SendFox’s Smart Campaigns feature will automatically create a newsletter based on content from RSS feeds that are linked to your account. Watch this video to find out more about how Smart Campaigns work:

4. “I don’t know how to start”

Starting a newsletter is easy, the hard part is being consistent. 

If you are looking for a simple but powerful email marketing tool, check out SendFox. You can set up your newsletter, landing pages, and autoresponders in less than 15 minutes.  Watch this video on how to do this. 

When you’re starting, you’ll also need to decide how frequent your sending will be (i.e. weekly, biweekly, or monthly). Once you’ve decided on how often you’ll send your newsletter, create a calendar reminder to not forget. 

Why Email Marketing is Important2
Setting up a reminder in Google Calendar.

If you need more inspiration to create your newsletter, check out our blog post How to Create an Email Newsletter People Want to Read [and Examples From Content Creators We Love]

Also, check out how to build your brand with social media and increase your outreach!

Start your newsletter TODAY

We’ve debunked the most common excuses and showed you how email marketing can grow your influence and audience. 

Now, it’s up to you now to start your newsletter!

Get the SendFox lifetime deal, the best email marketing tool to get started and grow your audience. 

How to Grow Your Email List Using a Referral Program [Just Like the Morning Brew]

A referral program can help you grow your email list exponentially. 

This is how the Morning Brew, a popular business newsletter, gets over 1,000 new subscribers every day — and grew its newsletter from 100,000 to 1.5 million subscribers in 18 months

The referral program they use is called a milestone referral system — and we’re going to show you how to do it, too.

In a nutshell, a milestone referral system is when your subscribers get different types of rewards when different milestones are achieved. 

Here’s how the Morning Brew’s referral program works:

  1. Each subscriber gets a unique referral link.
  2. If someone signs up using a subscriber’s referral link, this subscriber will have one referred contact. 
  3. When a subscriber achieves a specific number of referrals, the Morning Brew will send them their prize.

Here are some other examples of awesome SendFox customers using a referral program just like the Morning Brew:


Hoopsfix is the go-to website for your daily fix of British basketball.

To reward their dedicated audience and grow it even more, they’ve started using referrals. 

Here’s the referral blurb that their subscribers see in the footer of their emails: 

Hoopsfix referral footer

Hoopsfix also created a referral hub that their subscribers can access to keep track of their referrals and continue to promote the newsletter.  

Hoopsfix referral hub

The referral hub also has a leaderboard and a list of prizes.

referral hub leaderboard

If you’re not sure what prizes to give out, you can get some inspiration from Hoopsfix:

  • 5 referrals get you a shoutout on social media
  • With 10 referrals you get an early access ticket
  • With 50 referrals you win an exclusive Hoospfix t-shirt

Want to receive Hoopsfix’s 3-Point Thursday newsletter? Sign-up here

Dr. Tammy Lenski

Dr. Tammy is impressive! She’s a professional mediator, executive coach, conflict resolution speaker, and teacher. 

To grow her email list, she is also using referrals. Dr. Tammy is offering one prize for three referrals which is an exclusive newsletter. In SendFox, you can set up as many or as few prizes as you like for referrals.

Check out her referral footer for inspiration:

referral footer

Dr. Tammy also has a beautiful and on-brand referral hub:  

Dr. Tammy's referral hub2
Dr. Tammy's referral hub

Learn more about road-tested conflict resolution tools by signing-up to Dr. Tammy’s newsletter here.

The Aloha Press

The fun and entertaining golf newsletter, The Aloha Press, is using a referral system to promote their newsletter and reward their biggest advocates. 

At the bottom of their emails, they have not only added a referral blurb but also all the prizes that their subscribers can get through referrals. 

The Aloha Press referral footer

Rewarding your most loyal subscribers with cool merch for referrals, will not only help you grow your audience but also increase brand awareness.

Check out The Aloha Press’ newsletters and sign-up to their mailing list here.

Now that you know how and why a referral system will help you grow your email list,  we’re going to show you how to use SendFox’s built-in features to make your OWN referral system.

Setting up Your Referral Program With SendFox:

1.Sign-up to SendFox (Psst it takes less than a minute!):

Login to SendFox
SendFox login page

2. Go to your Account Settings and click Referrals Campaign.

SendFox account settings
Account settings within SendFox.

3. Enable the “Promote Referral in all email footers”.

Subscriber referral settings
Subscriber referrals page in SendFox.

4. In section 1, fill out the title and blurb that you want to include in your email footer.

Subscriber referral program
Section 1 of SendFox’s subscriber referrals page.

5. In section 2, you can customize your referral hub by choosing the color and title of the page. You can also include your logo.

Customize your referral hub
Section 2 of SendFox’s subscriber referrals page.

6. In part 3, choose the prizes you want to give out and select how many referrals your subscribers need to get for each prize.

Referral Prizes
Section 3 of SendFox’s subscriber referrals page.

And that’s all you need to do to set up your referral program just like the Morning Brew. Easy-peasy!

Create A Referral Program TODAY

To recap, a referral program is a GREAT way to grow your mailing list and reward your most loyal subscribers.

In SendFox, you can easily recreate the Morning Brew’s referral system by creating your own referral hub and automatically adding a footer to your emails with each subscriber’s unique sign-up link.

For best results, give away prizes that are related to your brand to increase brand awareness.

Get the lifetime deal for SendFox here – the best place for content creators to grow their audience.

How to Create an Email Newsletter People Want to Read [and Examples From Content Creators We Love]

In this blog, we’re going to share 5 tips on how to create an email newsletter that stands out and people want to read.

If you’re a content creator, you NEED to have a newsletter. 

Newsletters are emails sent regularly — giving content your subscribers love (like blog posts, news, personal recommendations, tips, or announcements).

Email newsletters should be a critical part of your marketing strategy. Here’s why:

  1. It drives traffic to your website, social media accounts, podcast, etc.
  2. Helps you establish yourself as a key player in your niche (i.e. self-improvement, marketing, etc).
  3. Helps you build trust and nurture the relationship with your audience.

It’s important your newsletter stands out, especially with so much competition out there.

Here we go…

1. Select ONE Goal for Your Newsletter 

Choose one goal for your newsletter and decide how often and when you will send it (i.e. every Friday at noon or at 9 am every first Monday of the month). 

This is important because it will build a habit for your audience. Subscribers will know the specific content they should expect from you and when they should be ready for your newsletter.

A great example of this is Noah Kagan’s newsletter.

Noah’s #1 goal in 2020 is to grow his YouTube channel. So EVERY email is focused around that.

For example, you’ll notice that typically the first link in his newsletters is related to a video on his YouTube channel, which helps drive traffic there.

Other goals that work well for content creators include:

  • 250,000 YouTube subscribers by the end of the year (this is Noah’s goal)
  • 10,000 active email subscribers 
  • $5,575 in sales generated from an online course

Noah is also consistent with his newsletters’ timings and sends his email out every Wednesday at 7 am CT time.

His subscribers know when to expect an email from him and this has led to great results: the majority of his newsletters have an open rate above 30%. 

Click here to set a calendar reminder to create and schedule your newsletter.

Here’s the newsletter Noah created that aligns with his goal:

Email newsletter people want to read
Noah Kagan’s weekly newsletter. Click here for a closer look.

2. Break up Your Newsletter Into Blocks 

The average time a subscriber reads a newsletter is only 51 seconds.

So the last thing you want to do is write a long and text-heavy email newsletter. 

Newsletters should be easy to digest and skim. 

The best approach for your newsletter is to separate it into easily consumable blocks of content. This will make the reading experience enjoyable for your subscribers. 

Each section should ideally include a heading and a description that informs the reader what they’ll learn from clicking through and reading that piece of content.

Kartik’s newsletter for his company KShark Apps is a great example. He sends out a newsletter that contains the latest trends and news in the mobile app industry.

He separates his content into short and interesting sections which makes it easy to skim and read.

KShark App's newsletter
KShark App’s newsletter. Click here for a closer look.

You can create a newsletter like Kartik’s in SendFox in less than 5 minutes. Find out more here.

3. Supply Valuable Content

44% of subscribers share content because it’s entertaining and 25% share information because it’s educational

By including valuable content in your newsletter that is entertaining and educational, you will not only create an email that people want to read but also share — helping you grow your business or brand through email marketing.

We have two examples below of newsletters that consistently share valuable content with their readers. These newsletters have open rates higher than industry standards. 

The first example is Joe de Leo from Leo Training. He provides training and resources for strength, conditioning and injury rehabilitation for rowers.

Leo Training's newsletter
Leo Training’s newsletter. Click here for a closer look.

Joe does an excellent job at providing specific valuable content to his audience, people that work or are passionate about the rowing industry while also taking into account current events and what’s on his subscribers’ mind. 

Our second example is Andy from Be Clever with your Cash, a personal finance blogger from the UK.

Andy sends a weekly newsletter with TONS of educational content that will help his subscribers be clever with their cash.

He also does a great job at separating them into digestible blocks that make it easy for his readers to skim through and read.

Create email newsletter people want to read
Andy Be Clever with your Cash’s weekly newsletter. Click here to have a closer look.

At the end of his newsletter, Andy also shares his top deals and other places where his subscribers can find him online.

Andy Be Clever with your Cash's weekly newsletter
Andy Be Clever with your Cash’s weekly newsletter. Click here for a closer look.

4. Add Captivating Images & Graphics

People process images 60,000 times faster than words.

Adding interesting and high-quality images will not only help your newsletter look good but also help grab your subscribers’ attention, get them to read your content and click on your call to action. 

Using an image for each piece of content is super beneficial. This is because you can use the images to summarize or explain each of the sections of your newsletter like SendFox customer, Jason Littrell

Jason is a jack of all trades. A consultant, coach, course creator, and podcaster that works in the hospitality and spirits industry. 

He uses images and graphics that help his subscribers easily identify what type of content he has curated in his newsletter.

Adding images also improves click-through rates (42% to be exact).

Jason Littrell's newsletter
Jason Littrell’s newsletter. Click here for a closer look.

5. Add your Personal Style 

Branding matters. 

It is what separates your brand or company from the rest. Also, it helps build trust with your subscribers and allows them to recognize you easily. 

Don’t forget about it when building your newsletter. 

A stylish newsletter that is always on brand is The Right Hairstyles’ newsletter.

The Right Hairstyles is a blog written by hair experts dedicated to helping people find the right hairstyles for them.

Check out to of their newsletters sent below:

The Right Hairstyles' newsletter
The Right Hairstyles’ newsletter. Click here to have a closer look.
The Right Hairstyles' newsletter2
The Right Hairstyles’ newsletter. Click here to have a closer look.

Here’s how The Right Hairstyles is doing branding right:

  • Include the same logo and footer image in all their emails.
  • Their sender name is always the same: The Right Hairstyles.
  • Use the same formatting and structure for all their emails.
  • Color scheme, CTAs and fonts are consistent in all their newsletters.
  • They have a greeting their audience recognizes (“Hey beautiful!”) and their emails are signed off by the same person, Victoria Nockey. 

The Right Hairstyles ticks all the boxes in our branding checklist. If you want to improve your branding, download our branding checklist here.

Key Takeaways

Well-designed email newsletters, guarantee constant traffic to your website, improve your subscriber’s trust in your business and help establish yourself as an expert in your field. 

As a content creator, you know it’s hard to create newsletters that compel your subscribers to open, read, and engage with your content. 

Apply the 5 tips in this blog to create an email newsletter that stands out and people want to read:

  1. Focus on one goal for your newsletter and decide how often and when you will send it to your subscribers. 
  2. Separate your newsletter into blocks of content that make it easy for your subscriber to skim and read your curated content. 
  3. Include valuable information, especially if it’s educational or entertaining.
  4. Insert vibrant images or graphics to improve click-through rates and engagement.
  5. Add your personal style and be consistent.

Ready to start your newsletter? Join SendFox today.

Check out some of our other great guides on how to Increase Email Open Rates and how to Grow Your Business With Email Marketing.

The Ultimate Landing Page Best Practices Guide

You want to make sure your landing page is a good one. If not, you’re leaving hundreds or even thousands of email subscribers and sales on the table.

There are good landing pages and there are bad ones…

We’ve created this guide to help you build the BEST landing page and never miss out on email subscribers.

But first, what’s a landing page?

Landing pages are websites built for collecting email subscribers. They can be used for a lot of things like:

  • Getting your contacts to take a specific call to action like signing up to your weekly newsletter.
  • Growing your mailing list by giving away a freebie.
  • Gauging your contacts interest for a new course or product.

At SendFox, we call landing pages Smart Pages so we will be using these interchangeably.

Now that you know WHY you need a landing page, let’s jump into how to build a GREAT one. These are the five best practices we’ll cover:

  1. Smart Page Image or Graphic: Use Your Face!
  2. Make Sure Your Headline Is Extraordinary
  3. Simple & Short Copy = BEST Copy
  4. CTA’s and Social Logins
  5. Include a Feeds Page: Exclusive SendFox Feature

1. Smart Page Image or Graphic: Use Your Face!

The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, which means the first thing people will see on a landing page is the image. So choose your landing page image very carefully.

We recommend using a picture of yourself not only because studies have shown that we are wired to pay attention to the human face but also because this helps build trust and connection.

Check out this perfect example:

Smart page by Ben Kenyon
Smart page by Ben Kenyon. Click the image to view the landing page.

Other landing page images that work:

  • Emotional images that show how your contact feels about the problem you are solving or how they will feel afterwards. For example, Holly from Fluid Movement + Wellbeing does a great job of showcasing how some of her clients feel about stretching in a fun way.
Smart Page by Fluid Movement
Smart Page by Fluid Movement + Wellbeing. Click the image to view the landing page.
  • A high-quality graphic related to your brand such as the logo or even a mascot. Check out how Damien Schmitt created his landing page using the characters from his comic Big Sea Tales.
Big Sea Tales
Smart page by Big Sea Tales. Click the image to view the landing page.

The graphic is high-quality, on-brand and emotional.

2. Make Sure Your Headline Is Extraordinary

There’s a lot of competition for attention, so an eye-catching and exciting headline is critical for people to stay on your landing page and sign-up.

Here are some tips to make your headline extraordinary:

  • Headlines that are 55 characters long tend to earn the highest number of click-throughs. Your headline should be around this number of characters
  • Use Power Words! Power words are typically words that are well-known for provoking action, curiosity and emotion. Power words include effortless, breathtaking and gripping. 
  • Emphasize on the hook or what will pull the person to sign-up to your mailing list
  • Make your headline big, strong, and clear so that it stands out from the rest of the text.

Here’s an example of a GREAT headline:

Jason Kwan
Smart page by Jason Kwan. Click the image to view the landing page.

Jason has a strong headline because it’s the right length. It also has two power words: best and share.

Lastly, his headline stands out and includes the hook, which is to get his BEST life hacks.

3. Simple & Short Copy = BEST Copy

Research shows that people rarely read web pages word by word; instead, they scan and skim the page. So, keep your copy short

Besides being short, your landing page copy only needs to do 2 things:

  • Clearly convey what you want visitors to do (i.e sign-up to your newsletter).
  • Highlight the benefits you will give them and what they should expect from you.

Here are some examples of landing pages that do exactly this:

Smart page by The Tea Letter
Smart page by The Tea Letter. Click the image to view the landing page.

The Tea Letter clearly shows the benefits of signing up to his newsletter and uses the catchy phrase The Way of Tea which makes his copy unique and memorable.

Smart page by Edlin Bets the Farm
Smart page by Edlin Bets the Farm. Click the image to view the landing page.

Using a couple of sentences, Edlin Bets the Farm clearly explains what subscribers will get when they sign-up to his newsletter. Also, if the promise of the occasional baby goat pic doesn’t make you want to sign up, we don’t know what will.

4. CTA’s and Social Logins

Call to Action or CTAs are an important part of your landing page, it will cue your visitor to take action and sign-up! To make sure this happens to follow these CTA tips:

  • Make the copy action and benefit oriented. For example, if you are giving away an ebook when people sign-up, instead of saying “Sign-up” use “Get the ebook”.
  • Personalize the button copy to your audience. As per Hubspot research personalized CTAs convert 202% better than basic CTAs. 
  • Make your CTA stand out by using contrasting colors and white space
Pro tip: Add social logins to make it even easier for people to sign-up. SendFox, by default, includes a Google and Facebook login so you don’t have to think about how to add these. 

Here’s an example of a great CTA. The CTA stands out, it’s action-oriented and personalized.

Smart page by Jayne CN
Smart page by Jayne CN. Click the image to view the landing page.

5. Include a Feeds Page: Exclusive SendFox Feature

You’ve got an awesome image, an extraordinary headline, simple copy and an action-focused CTA. BUT your landing page visitor might still be on the fence about signing-up.

You can convince them by showcasing all the awesome content you’ve not only included in your previous newsletters but also on your social media. 

Introducing Feed pages. 

Feed pages are an optional feature exclusive to SendFox Smart Pages that lets you display content on your landing page from:

  • Past Newsletters
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Blogs
  • Podcast

In your feed pages, future subscribers will see what type of content you create and if they like it. This not only increases your conversion rate, but it also helps recycle and showcase the content you’ve worked so hard to create.

Check out an awesome Feeds page here.

Noah Kagan's Feed Page
Noah Kagan SendFox Feed Page

One of the best parts of the feeds page is that newsletters are displayed as blog posts where people can share and comment.

Newsletter displayed as a blog post
Newsletter displayed as a blog post. Click image to view newsletter blog.

What We Learned: 

You now know how to build the BEST landing page for content creators. Here’s a summary of the main points:

  • Use a landing page with a photo of you. If you don’t have one use an emotional image or a high-quality graphic related to your brand.
  • An extraordinary headline should be around 55 characters long, contain POWER words and include a hook (the reason why someone should sign-up).
  • The copy of your landing page should be short, simple and clearly mention the benefits of signing up. People usually skim web pages so you can also highlight important words.
  • Make sure your CTA is personalized and stands out. 
  • Include social logins in your landing page to make it even easier and faster for someone to sign up.
  • Use SendFox’s feed page to showcase all your awesome content online including your old newsletters to make people want to join your newsletter. 

Ready to upgrade your landing page, find out more about SendFox HERE, and find how to write the Email Newsletter People Want to Read HERE.

SendFox Tutorial: Set up Your Email Marketing in 15 Minutes

In this SendFox tutorial, we’ll show you how to set-up SendFox in 15 minutes so you can get started with your email marketing ASAP.

Check out the video or follow the steps below:

First things first, let’s get an account. 

Go to sendfox.com and type in your email address.

SendFox Tutorial 1

Fill out your details.

SendFox Tutorial 2

Welcome to SendFox! Let’s get started by setting up your Account Settings.

1. Account Settings

You can find your account’s settings by clicking the three lines on the top right and selecting Settings.

SendFox Account Settings

In your account page, make sure to choose your time zone and fill out your physical address to comply with CAN-SPAM laws.

time zone and physical address

Before continuing, check the inbox of the email address you signed up with to verify your account and continue using SendFox. 

Once, you’ve verified your account, go back to your account page and type in your custom URL. This will be the URL of your primary landing page.

custom SendFox URL

Click on the next tab Web Presence and insert the URLs of your blog, podcast and YouTube.

SendFox Tutorial - Web Presence
Social media

Next, go to the Domain tab. In this tab, you will be able to validate your domain to improve your deliverability and customize your sender email address. For more instructions on how to validate your domain, click here.

Validating Domains

Now, that you’ve set up your most important settings, it’s time to upload your subscribers.


Go to the Lists page and click Create List.

SendFox Tutorial - Lists page

Give your list a name and choose whether you would like to upload your contacts via a .CSV file or through the MailChimp Auto-Import (if you are moving over from MailChimp!).

Auto-Import feature

If you are uploading via a .CSV file make sure you are following the format of this file.

3.Smart Pages/ Landing Pages

Let’s set up your landing page so that you can start collecting new subscribers NOW!

When you go to your Smart Pages page, you will notice that SendFox has already automatically created a landing page for you.

SendFox Tutorial - Smart Pages

Click on the name of your landing page, to go into the Smart Page Editor. In the top half, you can modify the title and the content of your landing page.

Smart Page Editor

In the second part of the landing page, you can select if you want your content to be displayed on your landing page. All you need to do is check on the box that says “Enable Feed Page” and add your feeds.

Feed Pages

If you would like to check out what a landing page with the Feed page enabled looks like go here and click Let me read first.

In the Visual page, you can customize the formatting of your blog.

formatting of your blog

Last but not least, we have the form section. Here you can decide what information you would like to collect, which list you want your contacts to be pulled into, GDPR consent and more.

Additional Smart Page settings

Once you’re done modifying your landing page, click Save on the top right. Then, click on the pop-up to view your landing page.

Finished Landing page

Need some inspiration for your landing page? Check out these landing pages:

If you need help with promoting your new landing page, go back to Smart Pages and click the Promote button next to your landing page for help.

Promoting Smart pages


Automations are a great way to engage your audience. One of the most popular and effective automations to create is a Welcome Series. We’ll show you how to create one.

Go to your Automations page and click Start with Template.

SendFox Tutorial - Automations page

To get the most out of the template, fill in the details requested by the automation assistant.

Automation assistant1
Automation assistant2

Choose the option to create a Welcome Email Series.

Automation assistant3

Lastly, choose which list you would like to trigger the automation (this means that when a contact is added to that specific mailing list, they will receive the emails in your automation).

Automation trigger

And voilà! SendFox has automatically created a Welcome Series Automation!

Finished Welcome Series Automation

You can click on the Edit Email button on the top right to view and modify the content of your emails that SendFox has added for you.

Editing the automation
Editing the automation2

4.Email Campaigns

Now it’s time to schedule your first email – go to the Emails page and click Create Email.

SendFox Tutorial - Email Campaigns page

Psst…You probably noticed that there is already some emails created in the Emails page. This is because in part 1 (setting up your Account), we connected our Blog’s RSS feed. When you connect your blog’s RSS feed, SendFox will automatically create draft email campaigns for you. 

We’ll show you how easy SendFox makes it for you to create a weekly newsletter.

In the email editor, add your subject line and select the mailing list you would like to send to. After that, click the Templates button in the footer of your email.

Email templates

In the templates page, you can select the most recent content from your connected RSS feed’s to generate a weekly newsletter. You can even add more RSS feeds in this page.

Templates pulled from RSS feed

Click the content you would like to choose and then click Generate Email. When you’re happy with what your email looks like, all you need to do is Schedule and Save the email.

Editing the template

Here’s another example of what the template feature can also generate.

Noah Kagan's template example

Awesome job reaching the end of this tutorial! You have now set up your SendFox account and email marketing in less than 15 minutes. 💪

For more email marketing advice, make sure to check out our blog.

If you need a more comprehensive SendFox tutorial with all the features explained, make sure to check this guide!

Or see more SendFox Tutorial articles HERE!

Email Marketing Trends 2020 📈

With 70,000,000+ emails from 18,000+ customers on SendFox, we’ve researched and analyzed the TOP email marketing trends. 

What makes emails great, what tings the BEST senders do, and more.

Here’s what we found…

Gmail: The Email Standard for Email Users

Email marketing trends - Gmail

The graph above shows our users’ domain breakdown. Gmail is hands-down the most popular option with our customers. 

Gmail is dominating the market and has become the email standard for email users. 

Knowing this will help you improve your deliverability. 

Make sure to test your emails heavily with Gmail. Their spam filters can be aggressive and this is a great way to learn more about it. 

We’ve talked to the Gmail Anti-Spam team, and one pro-tip we can share with you is that when emails are sent and they’re repeatedly outside of industry standards, Gmail has and will blacklist not only the sending IP but the entire domain. 

One of the key techniques of staying within industry standards is sending to your active contacts, this means subscribers that have opened and clicked on your emails.

This is personally what we do at Sumo Group for all our emails across all our brands, so we know it works and it’s a best practice.

Subscribers Don’t Want to Open Emails on Saturdays and Sundays

The treemap below shows the open rates in SendFox during April 2020. The larger the box, the higher the open rate and vice versa.

SendFox's highest open rates in April 2020
Treemap displaying SendFox’s highest open rates in April 2020

As you’ve probably guessed from the heading and noticed in the graph above, the days with the lowest open rates are Saturdays and Sundays. It looks like most people want to disconnect from their inboxes on the weekend!

Wednesdays had the largest open rates among subscribers. The data also showed that other popular days to open emails include Tuesdays and Fridays. 

Keep in mind that this is what we’ve noticed from SendFox customers and might not be representative of your industry.

Send Your Emails Before Lunchtime for the Best Results

The first graph shows SendFox email opens per hour. The second one tracks email clicks per hour.

email marketing trends - email opens per hour
SendFox email opens per hour.
email marketing trends - email opens per hour2
SendFox email clicks per hour.

These were the dates and times that achieved the highest open and click rates: 

April 1st.3:00 PM
April 8th.12:00 PM
April 15th.12:00 PM
April 22nd.4:00 PM
April 29th.12:00 PM

The data shows that subscribers prefer to read emails at noon or early afternoon. 

So you want to make sure that your email has landed in the inbox before lunchtime.

Most Email Marketers Have Set up an Automation

In the first four months of 2020, we had more than 6,500 people sign-up to SendFox. Approximately 4,000 (62%) of those contacts currently have an active automation. 

Percentage of users with active automation

As the number of email marketers joining SendFox grows, so does the number of emails sent using automations.

number of emails sent using automations
Graph tracking the number of emails sent using SendFox’s automations.

Automations are popular because it’s a great way to engage with your audience and doesn’t require any effort once it’s been set up. It will also help improve your open rate. 

At SendFox, we’ve made it even easier for our users to create an automation. Using the automation assistant, you can create a welcome series in less than 5 minutes!

Tips From SendFox’s BEST Senders

We measure the success of a sender by looking at their email stats and subscriber engagement. 

Our best senders have an open rate of 30% or higher!

Here are what our BEST senders have in common:

  1. Keep their emails short and simple.
  2. Have an active welcome automation series which includes lead magnets like a PDF or ebook.
  3. A constant flow of new subscribers added to their mailing lists.
  4. Focus on sending emails to active subscribers.
  5. Send at least one email per week.

Main Takeaways From Our Data

In this blog, you’ve learned about the latest email marketing trends and what the BEST senders on SendFox are doing.

Here are the main takeaways of email marketing trends:

  1. Gmail is dominating the email users industry. Test heavily to make sure your emails are not getting caught by Gmail’s spam filter.
  2. Subscribers prefer reading your emails during the week, especially Wednesday lunchtime.
  3. Set up an automation. For best results, include a lead magnet.

Now it’s time for you to take action and apply what you’ve learned.

Still not on SendFox? Get your lifetime deal here.

Want to learn more from SendFox’s customers? Check out our Customer Stories on the SendFox blog.

Still not impressed? Check out this 2020’s Buyer’s Guide to Email Marketing Software and find the best solution for you.

What Makes Sendfox Different?

SendFox is here to revolutionize the email marketing industry by offering an affordable and powerful email marketing tool. 

Designed for content creators, SendFox has unique features that make it easier and better to communicate and grow your audience.

Find out what makes SendFox different — and why more than 15,000 people are using our tool.

Landing Pages That Convert! 🔥

With tons of data points collected from our thousands of customers, we’ve noticed the best landing pages are 3 things:

  1. Visually appealing 
  2. Quick for contacts to sign-up
  3. Easy to promote and share

It’s simple and straightforward to create a custom and branded landing pages in SendFox. We create one for you automatically when you sign up.

Here’s a landing page from Jenny Hill:

Jenny Hill's landing page

This landing page is AWESOME because:

  1. The design is clean and on brand. 
  2. It’s easy for anyone to sign-up.
  3. Her URL is sendfox.com/jenny, so it’s easy to share on social media and any other platform.
  4. Looks great on mobile too:
Landing page on mobile device

Besides making it easy for you to create a landing page in less than 5 minutes, we help you promote it.

After you create your landing page, we have a “promotion” page that has the easiest and most effective actions you can take to grow your mailing list.

What makes SendFox different - promotion page
Psst the above is based on marketing experts advice

And in SendFox, your emails don’t get lost anymore — you can now publish them on your landing page as a blog.

Showcasing your most popular emails as a blog will attract more people to your mailing list. Subscribers can also comment and easily share your emails on social media.

Showcasing your most popular emails
Showcasing your most popular emails2

Providing the Best Deliverability 🏆

Email marketing ONLY matters if your emails arrive in the inbox.

Here’s what we do to make sure that happens:

  • Use SendGrid, a world-class platform, to send our customer’s emails from SendFox.
  • Check our IP reputations DAILY to ensure the quality deliverability.
IP reputation
SendFox’s IP reputation in mid-April.
  • An automatic optimization process to help customers with poor emails stats improve their sender reputation — so their emails arrive into the inbox more often.
  • A spam filter that checks emails for spam triggers before sending.

Active-Only Sending Feature ✉️

Your sender reputation and deliverability matter if you want your emails to land in the inbox. We’ve not only got deliverability covered for you but also your sender reputation.

To get a great sender reputation you need a good open rate.

To help, we have a feature that gives our customers the option to send emails only to their active subscribers. We do this ourselves to follow best practices and get better open and click rates.

What makes SendFox different - Active-Only Sending
When you click on this checkbox you are sending to your new and active contacts. 

SendFox makes it easy for you to improve your open rate and send to your MOST engaged contacts.

Create an Automation in Less Than 10 Seconds 🚀

We make it easy for customers to start automations.

On average, 40% of SendFox customers create automation within 24 hours of setting up their account. 

If you don’t know where to start with automations – don’t worry! 

We have customizable templates for you. All you need to do is use our Automation Assistant. It takes less than 10 seconds! Check it out below:


Besides email sequences, you can use our tagging feature to segment your contacts based on their actions within the automation.

What makes SendFox different - segmenting your contacts
OKDork’s automation sequence uses the tagging feature to segment subscribers interested in the podcast.
removing contacts from an automation
You can remove contacts from an automation by checking the box “Remove contact from this automation”.

A Team Dedicated to Improving Sendfox 👨‍💻👩‍💻

The agile SendFox team has been working hard since day #1 to build the BEST email marketing tool for content creators. 

Since launching the tool in 2019, we’ve consistently added around 7-10 features per month and there’s many more to come! 

Our goal is to revolutionize the email marketing industry and we hope you will join us for the ride! 

See how our customers grew their businesses using SendFox!

Sign-up to SendFox now 👈

Customers Stories: How to Grow Your Business With SendFox Email Marketing 🚀

SendFox Email Marketing

Garth Dew has been dedicated to filmmaking and video marketing for the last six years and he is going to show you how he used SendFox email marketing to grow his business. 🎥

While growing his business, he has learned how to use digital channels to attract customers.

Now, he’s ready to teach others how to do the same. 💪

In his new business, Garth helps entrepreneurs learn about the tools and strategies that they need to attract new clients. 

Watch this video where he tells us more about how he’s using SendFox to grow his business 👇

SendFox: The Email Marketing Choice for a Growing Businesses

Before SendFox, Garth was using MailChimp. 

MailChimp left him disappointed because he found it clunky and poorly designed. When he wanted to add more features, the cost of the subscription went up.

He explains why he moved to SendFox and loves our tool:

What I love about Sendfox is that it is super affordable, super simple and all the functionality that you need is already included. I love the way the emails come through. They are minimal and display well on mobile.”

Garth Drew email on mobile
Preview of Garth’s email on mobile

I love the landing page where there is no distractions and only one option which is to opt-in. It’s a very simple and easy to use software. I also like the active subscribers checkbox, where you can choose to send your emails to people that are opening your campaigns.

How SendFox Is Helping Garth Grow His Business 📈

Garth uses landing pages and lead magnets to attract people to his list. His lead magnets include freebies like courses and books. 

Check out his landing page promoting his Free LinkedIn Course: https://sendfox.com/lp/10p7q3

SendFox Email Marketing - landing page by Garth Drew

Garth knows that creating an awesome landing page is not enough to grow a mailing list, you also need to promote it!

Social media is a GREAT place to start. 💡

Check out how he promotes his course and how easy it is for him to share his landing page on LinkedIn:

Lading page shared on LinkedIn

Garth regularly shares valuable information with his mailing list because he knows it’s important to keep your subscribers engaged.

One of the strategies he uses to convert his audience into customers is a call to action. 📣

A call to action in email marketing is a button or hyperlinked text that makes your audience do something specific like visit your website or purchase your course.

In this email, Garth’s call to action is asking his audience to hit reply and book a session with him:

Garth's call to action email

Garth tells us that email marketing is ESSENTIAL because it’s where he can have one on one conversation with his subscribers.

We can’t wait to see how he continues to use email marketing to grow his mailing list and business!

Sign-up to receive Garth’s newsletter: https://sendfox.com/lp/10p7q3

Join the affordable email marketing revolution for content creators: http://bit.ly/sendfox-appsumo

Read more SendFox Customer Stories on our blog.  👈