SendFox Feature Updates: November 2020

Another month just ended, which means we added a ton of new features to SendFox

These are included in our customers’ existing plans at no extra cost. Hooray! 😃

(Fun fact: In 2020, we’ve added 70+ total new features to customers’ accounts for free.)

Here are the highlights from November…

#1 – Improved Twitter posts in your emails 🐦


In your Smart Campaigns and Email Generator, your best Twitter posts will now look even better.

Click here to generate a new Smart Campaign.

#2 – Email your Instagram posts 📸


Connect Instagram in your Web Presence, and you can see your Instagram posts on your Smart Pages and in your Email Generator.

(Soon, we’ll be also be adding Instagram to auto-generated Smart Campaigns.)

Click here to add Instagram to your Web Presence.

#3 – Better clarity with emails you’ve sent 🙌


In the past few weeks, we made changes to help you better understand the status of your emails.

You’ll notice two big ones:

  • Improved statuses for your automations
  • Showing the date and time sent for scheduled emails

Click here to create a new email.

#4 – Drag-and-drop images 🖼


Drag-and-drop images into your Email Editor without any issue.

Now, when you drag images into your Email Editor it’ll automatically open the Media Library.

Click here to add an image to your email.

Plus, a few other fixes and tweaks:

SendFox Feature Updates: October 2020

Every month, we’re actively building SendFox features for our customers

In October, we released a handful of new features. Check them out below.

#1 – Email Editor improvements 📬

The updated Email Editor.

Three major changes to the Email Editor…

  • Auto-save — one of our most requested features ever
  • Cleaned up bottom toolbar
  • Added “personalization” tag icon to the top editor toolbar
  • Subject line grader (to grade your email for deliverability)

These changes make it easier than ever to send emails your audience will love.

Create a new email and check out the editor improvements.

#2 – Subscriber Referral Improvements 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

The new Subscriber Referrals dashboard.

Subscriber Referrals are one of the best ways to grow your list email list.

By helping your audience refer more subscribers for prizes, your subscribers become salespeople for your brand.

To make Subscriber Referrals more effective, we…

  • Added auto-notification emails to subscribers and senders when a prize has been achieved
  • Added optional redemption URL to allow auto-redemption of prizes
  • Made the Subscriber Referrals Editor more beautiful and simple

Edit your Subscriber Referrals Campaign today.

#3 – Advanced search cleanup 🧹

The advanced search updates.

Advanced search helps you segment your subscribers — and we just made it 2x better.

We added a ton of new search parameters, “all” or “any” options, and more.

Used advanced search to send your new email.

Plus, a lot of other light fixes and tweaks:

Ready to upgrade to SendFox? Get our lifetime deal here.

SendFox Feature Updates: September 2020

Another month full of SendFox updates for you.

#1 – Improved Smart Pages 🖼


To make your Smart Page even more effective — and help you grow your audience automatically — we made two big changes:

  1. Beautiful, default images to make your page pop
  2. Improved default font on your “read more” page so it’s easier to read

Watch our video tutorial to learn how to create your own smart page:

#2 – Easy way to create a list in Email Editor 📝


If you’re sending a new email, we made it easier for you to create a list from the same view.

Now, instead of having to back out of the Email Editor and create a list separately… you can create your list from the Email Editor directly.

#3 – Improved confirmation page 🤓


We want to make every part of SendFox polished — even less-common places like the subscription confirmation page.

We optimized the look and feel of confirmation pages, including randomly displaying related Smart Pages of customers like you for subscribers to join.

Don’t want to display the contact confirmation page? You can disable double opt-in (plus, get more bonus features) by joining the Empire Add-On.

Plus, a few more noteworthy improvements:

  • Onboarding flow improvements to help you get to success FASTER
  • Auto-notification cleanup — so you get more helpful alerts at better times
  • Increased character limit to leave longer notes on your contacts
  • Replaced “IP Address” column on your Contacts page with “Source”

We’re always excited to keep building SendFox for you and don’t forget to check AppSumo lifetime deal.

Feature Updates: August 2020

Every month, we’re working hard to make SendFox better for our customers, so here’s a list of our August feature updates. These features are included in our customers’ plans at no extra cost.

#1 – Improved Smart Page promotion 💫

Promote your Smart Page, like Chief Sumo Noah.

Sharing your beautiful Smart Page (aka landing page) is now easier than ever.

Click the “Promote” button on your “Smart Pages” view to see new ways to promote and get more subscribers to your list.

Click here to promote your Smart Page.

#2 – reCAPTCHA on all Smart Pages and forms 🐛

Setting up reCAPTCHA on a form.

reCAPTCHA uses technology by Google to stop bot signups. It’s automatically enabled on your Smart Pages, and any new forms you create.

To enable reCAPTCHA on your already-existing forms, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Forms area of your account
  2. Click the drop-down to edit your Form
  3. Click the checkbox “Enable Invisible reCAPTCHA” to enable reCAPTCA
  4. Input any domains where your form will be embedded
  5. Click save, copy your new form code, replace your old form code… done!

Stop the bots on your forms with reCAPTCHA.

#3 – More tutorials on our YouTube channel 👨‍💻

A peek at the SendFox YouTube channel tutorials.

We have a comprehensive FAQ on our site — but sometimes seeing is believing.

Last month, we created a YouTube channel. And in August, we added a few tutorials with step-by-step tips, strategies, and advice on how to get the most out of your SendFox account.

Click here to check out the YouTube channel, and stay tuned for more SendFox feature updates!

More smaller updates to make SendFox better:

  • Automatically-created automation for new customers
  • Improved, cleaner logos for all plans
  • Bonus contact increase for referring friends to join SendFox
  • Sign-up improvements so new customers get to success faster
  • Decimals brought back for unsubscribe and bounce rate (so you get better stats insights)

Also, check out here what we did last month and don’t forget to hop on AppSumo and grab the SendFox LifeTime deal while it’s live!

YouTube Ends Email Notifications — What YouTubers Should Do Now

YouTube is stopping new upload email notifications to your subscribers.

With no notifications, and more competition for video views than ever before…

How are your subscribers going to hear about your videos?

Early views are critical for the YouTube algorithm, so getting subscribers to your videos early and often is the best way to grow your channel. 🚀

And there’s a strategy the MOST successful YouTubers — Yoga With Adriene, MuchelleB, OkDork, and more — use to get early video views and grow their channel.

The secret is email marketing.

You don’t need to be technical and you don’t need to have a website. You don’t need any email subscribers.

Using email marketing, you can easily tell your followers and fans about new videos — and get more video views, more video subscribers, and more YouTube growth!

So forger about YouTube Email Notifications as today, we’re going to show you in 3 steps how to start email marketing in just a few minutes (like the most successful YouTubers).

1: Grow your audience quickly and easily with Smart landing pages

2: Get more YouTube subscribers while you sleep with automations

3: Auto-create and send YouTube emails in minutes with Smart Campaigns

Step #1 – Grow your audience quickly and easily with Smart landing pages

In the video description of the world’s biggest YouTube creators, you might notice links like this…

The best YouTubers feature their email newsletter in their video descriptions.
The best YouTubers feature their email newsletter in their video descriptions.

It’s easy to overlook, but there’s a reason YouTubers with tens of thousands and millions of subscribers feature links like these — they work really well.

And one of the links many YouTube creators feature is a link to a landing page to become an email subscriber.

Getting more email subscribers gives YOU more control over your audience.

Instead of begging your audience to turn on YouTube email notifications, and then the bell… you can have your audience subscribe to your emails for free bonus content, behind-the-scenes goodies, and more.

And then, when you have a new video launch you can tell all your email subscribers.

Email marketing is the primary reason YouTube channel Noah Kagan has seen explosive growth to their channel…

The secret weapon to growing YouTube channels is often email newsletters.
The secret weapon to growing YouTube channels is often email newsletters.

To grow your channel using email marketing, the first step is to set up a Smart landing page.

Using SendFox, you can can create a Smart landing page — for free.

Here’s how you create a Smart landing page in SendFox:

  1. Join SendFox for free
  2. Click on “Smart Pages” at the top of your account
  3. You’ll have a Smart Page auto-created for you already — you can click it to edit it however you want

Here are how two popular YouTubers set up their Smart Pages in minutes.

Massive YouTube channel Yoga With Adriene (5+ million subscribers) uses a Smart Page.
Massive YouTube channel Yoga With Adriene (5+ million subscribers) uses a Smart Page.
YouTuber Noah Kagan (100,000+ subscribers) uses Smart Pages as well.
YouTuber Noah Kagan (100,000+ subscribers) uses Smart Pages as well.

Once your Smart Page is created, you can use SendFox’s “Promote” feature to post on your social media channels, update your social media bios, and copy the Smart Page link to add to your video descriptions.

Here are 5 key places to add your Smart landing page:

Check this article for a more in-depth guide on how to create high converting landing pages with SendFox!

Step #2 – Get more YouTube subscribers while you sleep with automations

With your Smart landing page in your social media profiles, subscribers will start joining your email list while you sleep.

The leads and email subscribers joining your list WANT to hear from you.

To email these email subscribers as soon as they join automatically, create a simple automation.

Automations help you “set it and forget it” so your email subscribers get your best content delivered to them — automatically.

No sending manual emails, no spending hours each day staying in touch.
With our solution SendFox, you can choose from a couple automation templates to create your automation in seconds.

Creating email automations gets your email subscribers your BEST videos — aka more views for your videos.
Creating email automations gets your email subscribers your BEST videos — aka more views for your videos.

If you choose a template, your automation will be automatically created for you. All you need to do is start it.

If you want to create a specific manual automation, keep it simple.

We use a three-email approach on most of our automations:

  1. Immediately on signup: Welcome, and ask the email lead the #1 thing they want to learn
  2. 24 hours later: A few links to your best YouTube videos
  3. 24 hours later: Links to follow you on social

Here are a few examples of successful automation emails:

An example of an email automation featuring YouTube videos.
An example of an email automation featuring YouTube videos.

Chief Sumo Noah Kagan has a simple automation email that gives his background (so you know his strategies are legit), followed by links to three of his best YouTube videos.

YouTube brand Yoga With Adriene sends an email to all her subscribers pushing her videos, too.
YouTube brand Yoga With Adriene sends an email to all her subscribers pushing her videos, too.

YouTube brand Yoga With Adriene sends a longer, heartfelt message to her audience as soon as they join her newsletter.

Daily Dad uses email automations for their email subscribers too.
Daily Dad uses email automations for their email subscribers too.

And The Daily Dad — a brand by Ryan Holiday, Dr. Drew, Casey Neistat, and more — send a quick email as soon as someone joins their list, and give them a PDF as a nice gift.

However you decide to do your automation, the MOST important thing is you create it.

Even if it’s imperfect to start, getting new email subscribers engaged with your brand right away — and taking the actions you want them to take — is critical to getting more views to your videos.

Learn how to create your own automation in the video below:

Step #3: Auto-create and send YouTube emails in minutes with Smart Campaigns

With your Smart landing page, you have email subscribers joining your email list… even when you sleep.

And with your automation, you’re turning those new email subscribers into more views and subscribers of your YouTube videos… automatically.

Now, we’re going to show you how to automatically send your NEW YouTube videos to email subscribers.

With a free SendFox account, you can use Smart Campaigns to create beautiful emails that automatically pull your latest videos and emails it to email subscribers. Like this:

Smart Campaigns automatically showing new YouTube videos for your email subscribers.
Smart Campaigns automatically showing new YouTube videos for your email subscribers.

Chief Sumo Noah uses Smart Campaigns to get more views and subscribers to his YouTube channel.

Smart Campaigns are activated when you add your YouTube channel URL (like to your Web Presence in your settings.

Updating your Web Presence with your YouTube URL is easy, and it gets your emails auto-created from your YouTube videos.
Updating your Web Presence with your YouTube URL is easy, and it gets your emails auto-created from your YouTube videos.

Once your YouTube URL is added, Smart Campaigns will be enabled for your account.

And every week, you’ll have an auto-drafted email waiting for you with your latest videos. Ready to send to your email subscribers.

Here’s an example of a weekly email auto-drafted for Chief Sumo Noah’s YouTube channel:

An email entirely created automagically from YouTube videos.
An email entirely created automagically from YouTube videos.

And if you want to automatically send your email subscribers a weekly newsletter with your latest YouTube videos, you can.

Just enable auto-schedule in your Smart Campaign settings and it’ll auto-send to your email subscribers every week.

Automatic scheduling of your YouTube emails to your subscribers.

YouTube email notifications are going away, which can mean less views and subscribers to your channel.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Using email marketing and a three-step process can result in more views and more subscribers to your YouTube channel than ever before:

  • 1: Grow your audience quickly and easily with Smart landing pages
  • 2: Get more YouTube subscribers while you sleep with automations
  • 3: Auto-create and send YouTube emails in minutes with Smart Campaigns

And with SendFox, you can automatically collect email subscribers, send them your best YouTube videos, and send them weekly emails with new videos — all in a few clicks.

Get more YouTube subscribers and views with SendFox 100% free.

Feature Updates: July 2020

Check out the new feature updates we’ve added in July to SendFox.

#1 Improved Smart Campaigns 📱

Smart Campaigns

Smart Campaigns take your best content and puts it into a single, digestible email.

Recently, we made Smart Campaigns even better.

More optimized text truncation. Better text output. Highlighting content item titles… all nerdy ways of saying your emails will look nice — and get nicer results, too.

Check out our tutorial below on how to create a Smart Campaign:

#2 “Send Now” functionality ⏰

Send Now functionality
Send Now functionality 2

One of our most requested features, well, ever.

We added the option to send an email immediately. So now you can choose to send an email right away, or schedule it for another time.

Pro Tip: How to Create an Email Newsletter People Want to Read!

Watch our tutorial on how to create and send emails in SendFox:

#3 Gmail auto-import 📧

Feature Updates - Gmail auto-import

Auto-import your contacts from Google. Keep your family, friends, and acquaintances updated on your latest content with the one-click import.

Click here to add your Google contacts into SendFox.

#4 Auto-schedule Smart Campaigns 🚀

Feature Updates - Auto-schedule Smart Campaigns

Auto-send your Smart Campaigns weekly:

  • Go to your Smart Campaign settings.
  • Pick the auto-schedule day and time — plus the list — you want to email automatically.
  • Done and done.

Auto-Smart Campaigns to send even when you sleep.

Click here to auto-schedule your Smart Campaigns.

#5 New homepage ✨

Feature Updates - New Homepage

Our mission is to help YouTubers, podcasters, and bloggers grow their audience.

So, we re-built our homepage to talk about our unique features. And how some of the world’s best content creators are currently using SendFox.

Check out the new homepage (you must be logged out).

#6 Test email improvements 🤓

Feature Updates - Test email improvements

Two awesome updates for test emails:

  1. All test emails now have “[Test]” pre-pended to the subject line. So you no longer have the mini-panic: “oh $%&*, did I accidentally send that to everyone?!’
  2. Tests are no longer included in your email stats.

Click here to send a test email to yourself.

More notable improvements & updates:

Stay tuned for next month’s SendFox Feature Updates and hop on AppSumo site to grab the SendFox Lifetime deal!

SendFox Feature Updates: June 2020

In June, we released a lot of new features and updates.

#1 – Cleaner Smart Pages 🎉

New features and updates - Cleaner Smart Pages
A new Smart Page, from Chief Sumo Noah’s account.
The new subscribe with Google and Facebook buttons
The new subscribe with Google and Facebook buttons make it easy for people to join your list.

Smart Pages showcase your best content.

Redesigned from the ground up in June, Smart Pages now shows your content — emails, YouTube videos, blog posts, podcasts, and Tweets — more beautifully than ever.

We also added subscribe via Facebook and Google to help you get more subscribers fast.

Also, check out our great guide on how to build the BEST converting landing pages with SendFox.

#2 – Better Smart Campaigns 🚀

New features and updates - Auto-created Smart Campaign
An auto-created Smart Campaign. It took a YouTube channel, and it made this email in one click!

Smart Campaigns turn your best content into an email.

No more procrastinating because you’re not sure what to write. Just one click, and your email is auto-created.

In June, we made auto-generation better. And, you can now generate Smart Campaigns manually by clicking the circle icon on your Email Dashboard.

Generating Smart Campaigns manually

Watch our video tutorial for instructions on how to create your own smart campaign:

#3 – Subscriber Referral improvements 🎆

New features and updates - Subscriber Referral improvements
The improved Subscriber Referrals footer, using Chief Sumo Noah’s emails as an example.
Referral Hub leaderboard
An example Referral Hub leaderboard.

Turn your existing subscribers into salespeople. With Subscriber Referrals, your current readers can refer more readers to your newsletter — and get prizes when they do.

We cleaned up the Subscriber Referrals footer design in emails to make it more effective. And, we added a leaderboard to your Referral Hub.

Click here to set up your Subscriber Referrals.

#4 – Email Editor improvements ⚡️

The Email Editor now has a sticky header and footer bar to make it easier when drafting emails.

And, we made adjustments to the time selector. Scheduling emails is now easier.

Click here to draft your next email.

Plus, we worked hard on some smaller updates and fixes:

  • New banners to clarify if you’re warming up, optimized, or have free plan restrictions
  • Ability to edit double opt-in confirmation emails
  • Cleaned up FAQ so you can get answers to your questions quicker

SendFox Feature Updates: May 2020

Tons of great feature updates for our customers inside of SendFox this month.

#1 – Smart Pages 🌎

SendFox feature updates May - Smart Pages
Noah’s Smart Page — he highlights his videos, podcast, newsletters, blog, and social.
Noah’s Smart Page “Social” tab
Noah’s Smart Page “Social” tab, showing Twitter.

Keep all your best content in one place with our new Smart Pages.

These pages are the evolution of Landing Pages — but with some HUGE new features:

  1. Show off your YouTube videos, newsletters, blog posts, podcasts, and Tweets in one place.
  2. Make it easy for your subscribers to not miss anything you create.

These new Smart Pages are your central hub for all your content. Share it with everyone.

To set up your Smart Page content hub, just add your feeds to any existing or new Smart Page. Then, click “Enable Feed”. Voilà! All your best content will be shown on your Smart Page.

#2 – Smart Campaigns 🤓

SendFox feature updates May - Smart Campaigns
The Smart Campaign view, accessible from your dashboard.
Smart Campaign example
An example of a Smart Campaign, automatically pulling one of Noah’s YouTube videos.

With this month’s Smart Page update, you’re showing off your best content…

What about making it easier to send an email with your best content?

Smart Campaigns make this possible:

  1. Weekly Newsletter. Automatically-drafted email with your best content every Sunday — including your YouTube videos, blog posts, podcast episodes, and social media posts.
  2. Content Updates. Automatically-drafted email with your new content (aka auto-RSS).

#3 – Improved Subscriber Referrals 📩

SendFox feature updates May - Improved Subscriber Referrals
An example “Referral Hub” page for Noah’s list.
Subscriber Referral footer
The improved Subscriber Referral footer available in emails, using Noah’s list as an example.

Last month, we introduced you to our Subscriber Referrals feature. This feature allowed you to give prizes to subscribers who refer more subscribers to your list.

This month, we made Subscriber Referrals better than EVER:

  • Improved Subscriber Referrals Editor so it’s easier for you to set up.
  • “Referral Hub” for subscribers to see how many referrals they have, easily share your newsletter with your friends, check out prizes, and more.
  • Cleaned-up Subscriber Referrals Footer to make your emails look more polished.
  • Read more about the Referral Program HERE.

Other notable updates:

  • The title of the email always matches the subject line (even on clone).
  • HTML editor added to Automation emails for Empire Add-On customers.
  • Automation emails not sent until after a subscriber confirms (when double opt-in is enabled).
  • Branding completely disabled on all Smart Pages for Empire Add-On customers.
  • When a customer is Optimized, the reason for the Optimization is shown in the tooltips.
  • HTTP and www stripped out of domain validation to make validating your domain easier.

That said, we’d highly recommend checking the Lifetime deal on AppSumo while it’s active!

Email Deliverability: How to Improve Email Open Rates

In 2018, we had an email deliverability problem.

We were emailing our full OkDork email list… but getting a low open rate. And lots of reports from subscribers that emails were going into their spam.

A look at poor results in Mailchimp email deliverability
Poor email results on Mailchimp.

We knew our emails were super helpful, and the content was good.

They passed all our quality checks… but the results were awful.

Frustrated, we tried a TON of different things.

Rewriting the copy, experimenting with subject lines, using less images.

Everything failed… until we stumbled upon one strategy that actually worked — active subscribers.

Immediately, the results changed:

  1. Open rates and click rates soared by 2-3x
  2. The reports of spam reduced to almost nothing
  3. Our domain and IP reputation in Google Postmaster Tools went back up

Today, campaign emails we send from all our brands are to active-only subscribers.

Active-only sends improves email deliverability a lot
An active-only send on the Dork list… the metrics are back to great.

In this post, we’ll show you how you can use active-only sending to improve your open and click rates, reduce spam complaints, and keep your email deliverability high.

What is Active-Only Sending?

Most email marketers send their campaign emails to all their subscribers.

But that puts your entire email marketing at risk.

Inbox providers — including Gmail — deactivate old email addresses and turn them into spam traps (source).

And if you’re emailing all your subscribers, that means you could hit spam traps. And the inbox providers will notice you don’t keep a cleaned list.

The typical inactivity period for inbox providers
Typical inactivity periods for old email addresses (source)

The way to prevent your reputation from getting damaged because of spam traps is to send to active subscribers.

These active subscribers are subscribers who have either:

  • Joined your list (to be extra-safe, we recommend joined after a double opt-in)
  • Opened an email
  • Clicked an email

Within a certain timeframe.

We recommend trying both 3 and 6 months active subscribers, and seeing what works best for you. We’ve used both timeframes at different times to optimize open and click rates.

How Do I Send to My Actives?

Most modern email tools allow you to segment your subscribers into active groups.

And you should ONLY email your active group segment regularly.

No more emailing everyone, which can damage your sender reputation and put your emails in spam.

Here’s how to email active subscribers in SendFox — the #1 place for content creators to grow their audience.

Step #1: Create a new email in your Emails dashboard

The email editor view inside of SendFox
The email view in SendFox

Click the “Create” button in your Emails dashboard in SendFox to get into the email editor.

Write your email — or copy and paste your email from a Google Doc, and SendFox will retain all formatting — and click save at the bottom of the screen after you’re done.

Step #2: Make sure “Send to active subscribers” is checked

The active subscribers checkbox inside of SendFox
Keep the box for active subscribers checked

Checked by default, to the right of the list field, is a checkbox for emailing active subscribers.

When this box is checked, SendFox will send your email to only 3-month active subscribers.

These subscribers have opened, clicked, or joined in the past 3 months for the list or lists you selected. This helps keep your deliverability high, and your emails away from spam traps.

Step #3: Test your email & schedule to send

The date and time selector inside of SendFox
Schedule your email only after you checked the box for active subscribers and tested

In your email editor view, you can send test emails.

Use and to make sure your email is configured properly, and not using any spam trigger words.

Keep editing and re-sending tests until it’s at least a 9 out of 10 in mail-tester, and it’s rated “ham” (aka not spam) in isnotspam.

And to optimize your open and click rates, follow the guide from our Sumo to schedule at the best time for your industry and subscribers.

After your email has been scheduled, wait about 72 hours after the send before you judge your results.

Especially if an email was sent during a holiday or over the weekend, sometimes subscribers are slow to check their inboxes.

After a few active-only sends, you should see see great changes:

  • Your open and click rates increase
  • Less reports of emails going into spam by your subscribers
  • Improved deliverability scores for your IP & domain in Google Postmaster Tools

What About My Full List of Other Subscribers?

We recommend you email active subscribers most of the time…

But it’s also valuable to do a re-engagement send to your entire list every once in a while.

For our OkDork list, we do a re-engagement email to our entire list every quarter. This includes all those old, inactive subscribers.

In our experience, a quarterly inactive re-engagement email doesn’t damage reputation or cause deliverability issues.

90%+ of our emails are sent to active subscribers, so inbox providers seem to provide us with a little leeway for the occasional “bad” send.

And done infrequently, the re-engagement send is a great way to re-engage old subscribers and increase your active list.

So we don’t forget the re-engagement email, we put it in our calendar.

A calendar with upcoming re-engagement to get more subscribers
The re-engagement email recorded in our calendar

To send the re-engagement email to your entire list inside of SendFox, deselect the checkbox for active sending. Then, schedule your email as you normally would.

Unchecking the active-only checkbox for inactive sends
Do a full list re-engagement send by unchecking to your actives

The stats for your full email list campaign will be lower, and that’s OK.

The purpose of a re-engagement quarterly is so you can bring back subscribers and grow your active audience.

Active vs Inactive subscribers

Sending to active subscribers is what we do for all our brands, and it’s made a huge difference for email deliverability.

It’s increased our open and click rates, improved deliverability, and kept us out of the spam.

Here are the steps so you can do an active-only send:

  1. Segment your list to 3- or 6-month active subscribers (joined, opened, or clicked)
  2. Test your email with,, or other spam testing tools to make sure your email content and setup is correct
  3. Do a re-engagement to your full list send once a quarter

If you do those things, you’ll see better results than ever before from your email marketing.

Check out more email marketing tips on the SendFox blog.

SendFox Feature Updates April 2020

Check out the latest bunch of awesome SendFox feature updates added to our platform last month:

#1 – Weekly Template 🚀

Weekly Template settings
Setting up your weekly template email with your content is easy.
Weekly Template email editor
The weekly template email in your editor.

The world’s best content creators are using a weekly template to send their emails — Tim Ferriss, Taylor Pearson, and our own Chief Sumo Noah.

Now, EVERY SendFox customer can easily send weekly template emails for epic results.

Just use the “Templates” button at the bottom of your email creator.

#2 – Subscriber referrals ‍‍👦🏻👧🏻👦🏻

subscriber referral sendfox feature updates
Subscriber referrals at the bottom of your email.
referral feature contacts
Subscribers with referrals in your Contacts view.

Our friends at Morning Brew grew their email list to 2+ million… and a big reason why is subscriber referrals.

For every new subscriber that an existing subscriber refers, the existing subscriber can earn prizes.

You can now automatically set up subscriber referrals in your SendFox account.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to “Subscriber Referrals” in your settings.
  2. Update the copy, and maybe add an image of the prize levels (check out inspiration from Morning Brew). Make sure to check the box to show on your emails.
  3. Track your subscriber referrals in Contacts by clicking “View subscribers with referrals only” in the drop-down.

#3 – Email Editor Improvements 📩

email editor sendfox
Image resizer inside of the email editor.
sendfox feature updates mobile preview
Mobile and desktop preview for your email.

We added three big features to the Email Editor:

  • Preview button to see your emails in mobile and desktop.
  • Image resizer.
  • CTA button creator.

#4 – Landing page improvements 📃

sendfox tag feature
Email tags on your email.

To give you advanced control, you can add or remove tags from your emails.

By default, your Email Blog will display emails sent to your same list that’s tied to your Email Blog.

But with tagging, you can remove the tag on certain emails to hide them from your Email Blog.

Or, you can add the tag on special emails that you want everyone to see on your Email Blog.

#5 – More integrations 🔌

We added InfluenceKit integration this month. We’re now up to 13 total integrations.

Check out the most popular SendFox integrations.

Other notable updates:

  • UTM parameters auto-attached to all your emails to track in Google Analytics.
  • Social handles parsed in your social footers so they never 404.
  • Double opt-in “from” name and email address match your account settings.

Check out the SendFox blog for email marketing tips, SendFox feature updates, customer reviews and more.